Know When To Call Your Kent Customer water’s pH level Care

Do you know when to call your Kent customer care? Even though one needs to maintain the maintenance service aspect so that the water purifier can work without fail, do you know when you need to get your water purifier serviced?

 In this article, we will share with you the time when one needs to contact customer care. The water purifier has become one of the integral parts of our lives.

Why do you need to conduct a maintenance service for water purifiers?

 Due to heavy industrialization and the lack of initiative taken to properly eradicate the toxic microbes and chemicals out of the water, many people have chosen to purchase a water purifier. The water that gets sent from the municipality is not purified enough.

 The process that the municipality has taken to adopt consists of their process of sedimentation and filtration to disinfect the water. 

 To get rid of chemicals like Led, UV rays, sediments, and bacteria that reside in the water, one needs to incorporate heavy machinery with advanced technology. Technologies like RO purification, UV purification, candle filter, etc., are important for the establishment of health.

 Through the process of elimination, many bacteria are gotten rid of with perfection-producing drinkable water. The role of water purifiers is important in rural as well as urban areas.

 However, constant usage of the purifier will create an effect on the machinery of the purifier. One needs to service the water purified by calling the Kent RO customer care to book an appointment.

When to call Kent RO customer care for maintenance services?

 Though the water purifier’s role is beneficial, one has to know when to call them to book a maintenance service. In this section, I will share with you certain signs that will indicate when to call customer care to book the service session. 


  •       When the filter is choked:


Suppose you see that the water that has been filtered through the purifier is slowly dispersing. In other words, when the water is taking time to be purified, then it is an indication when you need to call the purified customer care.

It not only creates low pressure in the purifier but makes the process of suspension very slow. It also indicates that the filters are the culprit here, and it is the part that needs to be changed.


  •       When the water tastes odd:

 Does your water taste salty? Does it taste somewhat other than what water should taste like? In other words, does the water not taste-neutral? In that case, you need to contact the water purifier service centre.

 Water purifier passes out oddly tasted waters because of the unbalanced amount of chemicals present in the water.


  •       When the water has odor:

 It is another issue that needs to be addressed because normally, the water should not be emitting a bad odor. If your water has odors in your water.

 The overbearing chemical may disturb the pH level of the water, along the impurities in the water makes the water taste bad. The water’s pH level is the filter that needs to be replaced in the purifier. You need to call customer service before your health is in jeopardy.


  •       When the water has a higher level of TDS:


The highest TDS level is one of the indications that screams that you need to call the water purifier service centre. Empire water will have a higher TDS level, which increases the water’s odor and gives it a salty aftertaste.

 In other words, when you taste your water to be salty and discern that your water bears a bad odor, then it means that the water is high on TDS. Another sign through which you can.

 Understand whether your water bears a high TDS level or not by analyzing the glass that you drink the water on. If it leaves a mark on your glass, then it means the water has TDS in it.


 You need to contact Kent RO Service if you see that the water bears an odd salty taste and permits a bad odor; these signs indicate that water is on high TDS, which may hurt your body if continuously consumed. 

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