How to Become a Salesforce Admin in 2022

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Are you willing to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator in 2022 and cannot figure out the exact way to do that? No worries! We will guide you through this blog on how to become a Salesforce Admin in 2022 and set yourself as a professional in the booming cloud computing platform.

Among the 40+ certification options available under Salesforce, the Admin certification is one of the most popular.

If you are new to the Salesforce universe, starting your journey as a Salesforce Admin would be the best way, as most beginners prefer it. So, without making any more introductory statements, let us jump straight into the guide to become a Salesforce Admin in 2022.

Here are 5 steps to follow to become a Salesforce Admin in 2022:

Build Your Skills

Skillset is the most crucial factor you should focus on to pass the Salesforce Certification exam and scale yourself as an admin in the future.

Many skills such as communication skills and other presentation skills are mandatory to make sure you put your point of view clearly in front of the customers and your colleagues as an admin poses as the point of contact for even the fundamental issues of an organisation. In addition, analytical thinking is a skill that will help you find practical solutions to every problem that comes your way.

The third mandatory skill is the art of persuasion which will help you persuade your customers and keep you and help you manipulate your employees to work harder, abiding by your instructions.

Understand The Certification

To become a Salesforce Admin in 2022, you must pass the Salesforce Admin Certification first. However, knowing that beginners prefer starting their Salesforce journey with Salesforce Admin Cert does not have the wrong perception that clearing the exam would be a cakewalk.

Understand how to prepare for the certification exam and which points to cover to pass it with an excellent percentile. There are Salesforce Admin exam guidelines available on the internet, and also is stated clearly on the Trailblazer website for you to comprehend.

Note down which category contains the highest number of questions and focus on that to score higher. You can also watch video content on the internet to better understand the exam format and the tips to crack the exam.

Opt for Training

If we could figure out the answer to every problem in the world, there would not be any need for specialists and experts in all the fields of life. And becoming a Salesforce Admin is not an exception as well. You will need proper training and the right kind of guidance to succeed.

To become a Salesforce Admin in 2022, enrol yourself in a reputed Salesforce training program where seasoned professionals of the Salesforce universe guide you in your journey. Having the support of a training program will ensure you do not fall apart while climbing the ladder of becoming a Salesforce Admin and can avail assistance at any time of necessity.

You can also join communities and groups on social media platforms to get practical answers to your queries by professionals who share their experiences and guide you virtually free of cost. In recent times, slack communities are very beneficial for training and preparation, too, and if you happen to find a good one, you can get help 24×7.

Go Along Strategically

According to a report published in 2021, the average annual income of Indian Salesforce Admins is approximately Rs.895,000/-. However, the experienced Admins earn more than Rs. 1,350,000/-. The beginner Salesforce Admins earn more than Rs.506,000/- as stated by the report.

Hence, the sooner you start your journey, the more experience you will gain and the faster your career will grow. But for that, you will have to plan strategically and create a calculated roadmap to becoming a Salesforce Admin in 2022.

Cracking an internship in startups would not be difficult if you are an absolute beginner. You can gain a lot of onfield experience and hands-on knowledge of the Salesforce Admin roles and responsibilities.

In conclusion

Your idea about becoming a Salesforce Admin in 2022 must have been a lot clearer by now. We hope we can help you more inside our community when you choose to be a part of it. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.