How to solve fitting issues for online apparel Shopify stores

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Global retail sales of apparel and footwear are about to reach 2 trillion U.S. dollars and were expected to rise to above three trillion U.S. dollars by 2030, the fashion industry is booming. Much of this growth is taking place online, with Shopify clothing stores playing a big part. There are more than four hundred thousand stores that live in the Shopify apparel category and it keeps increasing.

But many of those stores have a common problem, it is a customer’s fitting problem. While sizing is the first priority customers think of when they do online clothes shopping.

Clothing stores need a reliable tool to help improve sales at a lower cost. They would choose to be able to provide more accurate measurements for the customers, lower returns, and fewer complaints to handle. Also, fewer inquiries from customers about the sizes.

So, the solution for an apparel eCommerce store is to move on from using those outdated sizing charts or costly unreliable technologies, and instead just get the size recommender application Envision Size & Fit Analyser.

What is Envision Size & Fit Analyser and how does it work?

It’s a smart size analyzer application that guides customers to buy the right size. Customers can get an accurate size analysis in under a minute, wherever they may be in the world. They just need to answer simple questions, like their height, weight, typical sizes, and body shape.

They Couple this with their expertise in garment fit. Through research, they’ve learned that you don’t need much data to achieve high levels of accuracy.

Shoppers would definitely feel confident in searching for the right products for themselves. They will be able to get the best-recommended size and see how the garments would fit them virtually. They would rely less on the reviews and focus more on what fits them best. Also, they will be more confident to revisit the site and make more purchases in the future.

Customers have more confidence in making a purchase when they are shown exactly how the product will fit them. No more guesswork by helping shopper picks the right size with a simple and smart questionnaire.