Importance of Games and Sports in 250+ Words

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Games and Sports both make us physically and Mentally strong. It Increases our immunity system to protect against diseases. These are very important for everyone. Especially for children, it plays a vital role in growing physically as well as mentally. It is said that education is incomplete without games.

Types of Games & Sports

There are 2 types of Games- Indoor and Outdoor
Indoor games mean playing in the room and halls e.g – Cards, Carrom, Chess, ludo, etc are the most common games.
Outdoor games mean playing in an open place and playground e.g- Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Kho-kho, etc.

Advantages of Games and Sports in our Life

1. It improves our Capacity and efficiency. After studying or doing hard work we get exhausted. Our Stamina and efficiency decrease and we remain no longer efficient to do any hard work. Games and Sports refresh our minds and body and we get ready for another work.

2. Sports like football, Cricket, and Basketball increase our Physical Fitness and body stamina. In these sports a person running too much. Due to this, they have good blood circulation and their entire muscles become stronger.

3. Children of all ages should be encouraged to actively participate in sports & games as it will help their physical and mental development.

4. When the student has physically fit then only they could study better.

5. Players are not afraid of losing a game. A Sport teaches us to deal with success and failure.

6. It teaches us teamwork, how to get along with others and achieve a common Goal.

7. Games and Sports develop many good qualities such as discipline, mutual cooperation, etc.


Regular sports activities make us active and lead to good health. Games can be dangerous because any injury can occur while playing these sports. Therefore people should wear proper safety kits before playing games.


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