In Appian – How to show the records in a list ,specific to the user logged in ?

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To show a list of records specific to the user logged in in Appian, you will need to use the appropriate filters and security controls to limit the records that are displayed. Here is a general outline of the steps you might follow to do this:

  1. Identify the user’s security context: Determine the security context of the user logged in, including their role and any other relevant permissions or privileges.
  2. Filter the records: Use the appropriate filters and queries to limit the records that are displayed to those that are relevant to the user’s security context. For example, you might use an expression like “Created By = [Username]” to show only the records created by the logged-in user.
  3. Set up security controls: Use security controls, such as access controls or data masking rules, to ensure that the user is only able to see the records that they are authorized to view.
  4. Test and verify the results: Test the filtering and security controls to make sure that they are working as expected and that the user is only able to see the appropriate records.

Keep in mind that the specific steps you will need to follow may vary depending on the data schema and security requirements of your application. You may want to consult the documentation for the Appian functions and features you are using, and seek guidance from your system administrator or a developer with experience in working with security in Appian.