In Pega – I have 3 items in dropdown If I selected 1 then next time It should be visible 2 only in the dropdown

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In Pega, you can achieve this by using a property to store the selected value and a rule to filter the options in the dropdown based on the selected value.

Here is an example of how you can do this:

Create a property to store the selected value. Let’s call this property SelectedValue.

In the dropdown control, set the Data Page property to a data page that returns the list of options for the dropdown.

In the Filter property of the dropdown control, specify a condition to filter the options based on the SelectedValue property. For example, you can use a condition like SelectedValue <> OptionValue to exclude the selected value from the list of options.

In the event handler for the dropdown control, update the SelectedValue property with the selected option.

Save and test your changes. The dropdown should now show only the options that have not been selected previously.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


To achieve this behavior in Pega, you can use a Property of the Select control and set its value to the next item in the dropdown list that you want to be visible.

Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Identify the property that is being used to populate the dropdown list. This is typically a Page List or a Page Group. Let’s assume that the property is called “MyDropdownList“.

2. Create a new property called “SelectedItem” of the same data type as “MyDropdownList“. This property will be used to store the value of the selected item in the dropdown.

3. In the Select control, set the “Initial value” property to “SelectedItem“. This will ensure that the selected value is stored in the “SelectedItem” property.

4. In the “Options” property of the Select control, use the “MyDropdownList” property as the source for the dropdown options.

5. In the “Refresh On” property of the Select control, specify the “SelectedItem” property. This will refresh the dropdown list every time the “SelectedItem” property is changed.

6. In the flow action that handles the selection of an item in the dropdown, set the value of the “SelectedItem” property to the next item in the “MyDropdownList” property that you want to be visible in the dropdown.

This should enable you to achieve the desired behavior where the dropdown list is refreshed and only displays the next item in the list after an item has been selected.