Love Story for Soul Nourishment

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Love is Blind

There was a good relationship between a guy and a girl.. They always had a time to be with each other. Smile on their faces never left out when their together. they shared secrets, sad stories, happy events, almost perfect except that the guy is blind and he never had the chance to see his beloved girl. But blindness of the guy never became the hindrance to their relationship.

They still have the time to walk in the sand beaches, gaze on the stars, all of the things normal people did. Their very happy and tthe guy never loses hope that one day, he will see the beautiful eyes of her loved one. Eyes that sparkle on night.. Eyes that easily cry when hurt and easily smiles when happy., Eyes that he never had at the very beginning. Then one day her gf told him that she neeeds to go to Manila to finish her study there.

Tears fall from their eyes when they bid goodbye. The girl cried a lot coz it might be the last time she will see his beloved guy. She hugs his bf so tight that the guy was unable to breath. They kissed so passionately. One day the guy heard a very good news, news that will change his life a lot. There’s someone who want to donate eyes for him. His heart jumps as he hear the news for he would have the chance to see his girl. His so excited for his operation.

The operation was successful and he asked the doctor to let him say a thank you to the one who donated eyes for him. The doctor did and when the guy saw the girl he hugs her to let her feel the gratitude he wants to say. As the guy hugs the girl he remember someone very similar to the hug he felt. Especially when the girl hugs him tight. It’s very similar to the hug of his gf. But he ignore that thought. He waited for the time they’ll gonna see each other again. God is so good that he grant the guy’s wish, to see his gf. They met in the park they used to go before. When he was already there he saw a girl on black shades.

The girl seems waiting for someone. He asked the girl whom is she waiting for. The girl replied, “I’m waiting for my long lost boyfriend. We will see here. Because we used to go here when I am not yet blind. We used to laugh and cry here before. But I think he won’t accept me now because he knew I’m not blind. Maybe he won’t believe and maybe he will left me.”