Pega Express delivery approach | Microjourneys

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PEGA platform applications drive and facilitate customer interactions. These interactions are referred to as a customer journey. Pega Express is an agile approach that uses design thinking practice to capture the customer journey and quickly deliver an (MLP) Minimum Loveable Product release. With the help of PEGA express. We can break the customer journey into smaller pieces, called microjourneys, Which drive the org. to achieve a specific goal.

PEGA Express focuses on delivering one goal at a time rather than developing the entire customer journey at the start.
To define a Minimum Loveable Product release, we focus on 3 core elements of a great application: A. Microjourneys B. Personas, and Channel C. Data & Interfaces.


Microjourneys are a small piece of the overall customer journey & focus on accomplishing a specific goal.

Personas and channels

Personas determine who interacts with the application. It aligns the application user’s needs with the desired business outcomes. Channel determines how a persona interacts with the application.

An application can have multiple personas and multiple channels.

Note – To clearly visualize the participants of your Microjourney, associate personas with case types in your application. By adding personas to a Microjourney, you communicate which users are involved in each phase of your business process and which channels they can access. Your case life cycle displays the personas that you can use when you plan your application development.

Data and interfaces

Data is the information that the Microjourney interacts with to accomplish the customer’s goal, and the interface defines where the data comes from or where it is persisted. An application can interact with multiple types of data, and data can employ multiple interfaces.