Latest PEGAPCSSA88V1 Dumps Questions [2023] For Passing Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 8.8V1 Exam

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Welcome to your Latest PEGAPCSSA88V1 Dumps Questions [2023] For Passing Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 8.8V1 Exam

Which two options do you consider when deciding to use pre-processing actions on a flow action? (Choose two).

Which two configurations are required when adding a Split for Each shape to your case life cycle? (Choose two.)

A user reports that an application takes five seconds to complete a step and present the next step m Which tool allows you to gather and analyze performance data for the form submission?

When deploying mashup code in a webpage, which option is necessary to ensure that Pega Platform accepts incoming requests?

Which two statements about keyed data pages are true? (Choose Two)

A view has a part number field that requires the first two characters are letters, and the last four are digits (for example, AB1234).

How do you ensure that the correct pattern is entered when the user exits the field?

You are updating a system of record using a SOAP connector. If the system of record is unavailable, you want to retry after an hour. If it is still unavailable after an hour, a notification should be sent to a system administrator.

How do you implement this requirement?

Which statement regarding managing encrypted data in Pega Platform is true?

An application includes three case types. Members of the App Users access are not allowed to run reports for one of the case types.

Which two configurations can you apply to satisfy this requirement?

A class group is used to______________.

You need a report that presents Operator ID information for every open Time off Case. The report will present information from the MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff and Data-Admin-Operator-ID classes.

Which two options satisfy the requirement independently? (Choose Two)

Which two statements about guardrails are true?

Which three statements about the guardrail score are true? (Choose Three)

The Static Assembler is used to address rule assembly

Which statement is true about services?

A requirement states that the user's role cannot open a purchase request during the audit stage of the case life cycle.

How do you configure the case stage to satisfy this requirement?

You configure a child case to override the locking strategy of the parent case. The parent case has a time-out value of one hour. Which time-out value option is recommended for the child case?

An assignment service-level agreement (SLA) is configured with the following details:*

Initial urgency: 15* 

Assignment ready: Timed delay of 2 hours* 

Goal: 1 hour and increase urgency by 10* 

Deadline: 2 hours and increase urgency by 15* 

Passed deadline: 1 hour, increase urgency by 10,and limit events to 10

Assuming no other urgency adjustments, what is the assignment urgency 4.5 hours after the case reaches the assignment?

Which two statements are true about database tables in Pega Platform? (Choose Two)

The development team created an instance of the Rule-Admin-Product class that includes the application instances to migrate.Which two components does the Rule-Admin-Product instance include by default when you generate an archive file? (Choose two.)

Which requirement is supported by attribute-based access control (ABAC)?

A Health Plan application includes a process for surgical procedure requests. Currently, there is an evaluation subprocess in which a physician reviews the diagnosis and enters the recommended procedure and its urgency. The request then advances to a medical director who analyzes feedback and approves the appropriate procedure. The healthcare organization has created a new requirement , which states that three physicians can perform the evaluation independently . Only two evaluations are necessary to advance the case to the medical director.In order to allow the three physicians to review the orders in parallel, how would you configure the process?

What are three valid ways to exchange data through a Pega Web Mashup? (Choose Three)

What are the two most common ways to expose your application to an external system? (Choose Two)

Place the steps in the order in which a service processes a request.

In the following example, the HomeIns, HomeInsInt, and Customer rulesets are configured for application validation. MyCo and MyCoInt are configured for ruleset validation. MyCo lists MyCoInt and Customer as its prerequisites, and the prerequisite for MyCoInt is Pega-ProcessCommander.Which of the following statements is correct ?

Application Rulesets







Features available in Pega Mobile Client

Application Settings can have a Value type

Sequence of run pre processing in flow action

A developer has identified resource-intensive queue processors as the source of performance issues that application users are experiencing. Which two actions do you perform to resolve the performance issues? (Choose Two)

Teams x and y work on different enhancements in the same ruleset. The release data for each enhancement is uncertain. Which two options allow each team to keep its work separate?

Your application contains the following versions of a decision table named ReviewAccountChange:


Ruleset & Version



AccountManage 01-01-01



AccountManage 01-01-05



AccountManage 01-01-05



AccountManage 01-01-05



AccountManage 01-01-05



AccountManage 01-01-05



AccountManage 01-01-05


The application is being updated with a new patch version of the Account Manage ruleset. As part of the update, the decision table with .status=”Silver” is no longer specialized for AccountOpen Case type in the current ruleset, the circumstancing in the class group applies to all case types.

Which two options can you use to reset the circumstancing for the AccountOpen case type?