Reasons Why you Need to go Cash Less

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Cash is always heavy to carry and difficult to manage. On some days you don’t have a change, other days you don’t get change. Being cashless isn’t difficult, all you need is a phone or an app – you don’t even need to carry your debit cards around.

Here are some quick benefits of being cashless for both businesses and consumers.


For the Merchants and Businessmen:

Today’s business landscape is a highly competitive one, and it can be difficult to gain a foothold. That is why it is important to find the advantages out there that can help you create a successful business. Merchant Account Solutions, for example, can aid you in various ways.

One of their most popular services revolves around credit card machines for businesses. Not only can Merchant Account Solutions help you find the machine to best suit your needs, but they also offer the lowest credit card processing fees around. Interested in learning more? Keep reading for additional information!

Smart swipe: There are a few different types of credit card machines that you can buy. Some of them are more “attuned” to current technology than others. Smart swipe, for example, takes advantage of the advent of digital payment options and “smart” technology to make completing transactions a breeze! This is especially useful if your target audience is full of individuals that are likely to embrace new technology that makes their lives easier.

Business credit card machine: On the other hand, sometimes customers want to feel comfortable. If that is the case, then you might be interested in a more traditional business credit card machine rather than smart swipe technology.

These machines have been around longer and might seem “safer” to customers who are concerned about the risk that digital technology poses to their personal information. Whichever option you decide to take, be sure to do your research and find the option that offers the lowest credit card processing fees possible to limit how much revenue you are paying in fees.

Light Purse:

As a consumer, having a light purse is easy to carry. If you are 100% cashless, you can opt for a cardholder-type purse which is even easier to carry and leave home the truly bulky money bag.

As a businessman, if you stop accepting cash, there is no need to keep a safe locker for your store. You can even cut down on surveillance that you have to keep and manage because of having too much cash.

Get The important Stuff In:

You can’t have 20 pockets in a pant, the real-estate of your pockets will always be limited. When it comes to priorities – what you truly want to include in your pockets today is a Smartphone and if you got extra storage space, perhaps a power bank. Go cashless and instead of carrying your purse around, try to fit in a gadget with that extra space.

No worries of thieves:

No need to say more, both shoppers and shop keepers will be safe from pick-pockets if they don’t carry cash.

Change isn’t an issue:

One of those things about dealing in cash is that for micropayments, pocket-change is always an issue. If you carry a larger denomination note and the stuff that you are going to buy is cheap – then it is likely you are going to struggle for change.

Opt-in for a smaller pocket:

Smaller and sleeker pockets are trending these days and such pockets are designed to store your tab or cell phone. A bulky purse is the last thing you would want to fit in.

No need to stand in the ATM queues:

Who would want to waste their precious time standing in an ATM queue?

Go Green:

Going green here does not refer to the green cash notes – but the trees that you can save in the process. Paperless means fewer trees are being cut because the notes are made of paper which requires cutting down trees.

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