Relatives of the shirtless man of the «memes» ask to stop now

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The relatives of the shirtless man, who for a few days has been circulating as a “meme” on social networks with his hands on his shoulders, “ask them to stop now”.

The “lord of memes” whose name is José Francisco Valencia, 38 years old, is originally from Yucatán, Mérida, State of Mexico and in his community he is better known as “Panter”.

Francisco’s mother thinks that the illustration of her son in the form of a meme is laughable for anyone, however, for the family it is not because he suffers from schizophrenia, which is considered a mental illness.

His mother also comments that he has suffered from the disease for a long time, but is under medical treatment. In addition, he said that he is not homeless, as some pointed out, since he lives with his family where he receives personal care, food and shelter.

Neighbors and friends of the «Panter» assure that he is not a violent person, on the contrary, it is common for him to come to parties and enter without asking permission, since he is very happy and always asks for food.

José Francisco’s family only asks Internet users to stop sharing his image, since he is a sick person and has no idea of ​​the magnitude of his fame.