The No-Makeup Look A New Trend

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The no-makeup look is becoming popular among all women and celebrities alike. It’s one of the new makeup trends, and who does not want to try that? The no-makeup look is super easy to do, flattering on everyone, and quick to do. It is very natural, and anyone can achieve this look with little to no effort. If you want to see someone’s makeup skills, look at their attempt to make the no-makeup look.

This look makes your skin look even and flawless. The caky makeup look trend has been faded now, and celebrity or not, you will see everyone with the no-makeup look.

This look is perfect for the daily routine or even for when you want to fake ‘I woke up like this’ Snapchat streak. It airbrushes your skin without it looking like you are wearing any makeup. It highlights your features and makes coverage of the particular parts of the face you are not confident about.

Below is the guide for no-makeup from which you take help to level up the game of your makeup skills.


Put on the Sunscreen

Good skin is very important to make a face look good. Before putting on anything from the

makeup products, put on the sunscreen. It will protect your skin from having sunburn and from contracting the dust because the skin is something that should always be taken care of and never make any compromise on it.

The Foundation 

The foundation depends on personal preference. Some women apply the foundation in the no-makeup look, but some only tend to use the BB cream to give an even and fine look to the skin. However, any high coverage foundation can also be used but in a minimal amount. Moreover, nowadays, tinted moisturizers are also available in the market as an alternative to foundation. These tints are beneficial for skin health and are better than any kind of foundation. It is recommended that you use BB creams or tints for daily use, for they do not damage the skin and retain the moisture.

The cosmetic box packaging available in the makeup stores has detailed descriptions of the makeup products written on them. For example, if you buy the BB cream, you will see that its box has all the ingredients and benefits written on it. So, make an informed purchase when you buy any cosmetic product that you do not get any kind of skin damage later on.


The Primer 

You do not want your skin to look dry and patchy. For this, first, you need to make use of the primer. Just a drop or two of a good primer would be enough for the full face. Gently prime your skin to give natural and dewy radiance to it. If you want your foundation to stay intact throughout the day, then priming is very important. Without it, the base will produce cracks on your face and will not give a good look.


The Concealer 

Concealer plays a very vital role in makeup. However, to achieve the no-makeup look, just apply the concealer on the blemishes, dark circles, and any kind of spots. Do not make overuse concealer. Make it as natural as you can to achieve your goal of flawless skin in a natural way.


The Blush-On 

This is the favorite makeup product of the majority of women. Just apply the little amount of pinkish or nude blush onto your cheek, and you are good to go. The blush gives the most natural and cute pinkish effects to your skin that is the most lovable thing.



The highlighter is the apple of an eye in every kind of makeup look. It looks extra elegant and adds extra glamour to your face. In a no-makeup look, highlight the face’s high points to give a subtle and illuminated look.


The Lipstick  

For everyday use, make a purchase of lipsticks that are not bold and not too nude and which

can be worn with any kind of outfit. Buy the neutral colors that go with the light make up look and do not make you pop in public.


The Mascara

Do not wear eyeliner for the no-makeup look. Just go for the mascara to enhance the eyes a little bit. Otherwise, eye makeup is not necessary at all.

Follow the above-mentioned ways to have the natural and yet elegant look of the face and make everyone adore and love you.


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