Top 10 House Paint Ideas for 2021

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It is a known fact that colors have a lot of effect on our mood. If you are feeling bored or dull by looking at the same color on the wall for quite some time, then now it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. You can choose your style and color wisely to set the right mood for your home. Here are the top 10 paint ideas that are on trend in 2021.

  1. Shades of Green

Living indoors for quite some time now has left all of us craving outdoor and greenery. What better way to bring some greenery inside than paint your walls green. There are a lot of green shades available in the market for you to try. You can also match the color of your furniture with that of your wall. You can try monochrome shades in green. For instance paint your kitchen cabinet darker shade of green while walls a lighter shade of green. You can also add some plants to accent the calming jungle of green hues to bring out the serenity.

  1. Teal and Tan

If you want to give your house a lot of character but still want it to remain simplistic you should definitely try teal and tan combination. This particular combination brings a lot of natural feel to your house which refreshes the mood. If you don’t want to go all out you can just use large pieces to use as accents. For instance you can paint the kitchen top of your kitchen with a beautiful shade of tan and you can put a fabric cream colored couch to offset the teal in the living room. You can also try to match the backsplash with the same teal of your cabinet or the side tables can match the accent of the wall.


  1. Three-tones

We have all seen the traditional trim in recent times. However it’s time to ditch the traditional trim and add wooden panels that extend to the floor. Then go for monochrome. For this type of three tone shade, it’s best to go for natural colors such as brown or green. Then keep the darkest for ceiling, paint another one for wall and keep another tone for wooden panel. However it is best to get this type of paint job done by professionals instead of doing it yourself to give it a clean cut finish.

  1. Pink

While talking out paint color shades, pink isn’t the most traditional color that comes to your mind.  But it is quite a good idea to think out of the box now and then. However while choosing colors that aren’t the most traditional one we should choose shades quite carefully. For instance if we decide to paint our home with bubble gum or dollhouse pink it would be too extreme. Instead go for more natural hues of pink that are both pale and deep. For example pink in earthy hue will give a lot of depth to your bedroom while lighter pink will compliment brighter areas like the sunroom very well.

  1. Gray and Yellow

When we think or talk about grey it often seems like a drab color. However mixing it with bright sunshine yellow can bring you an explosion of happiness. However it is entirely up to you how you use both shades. You can combine these two colors depending entirely on what outcome you desire. If you are someone who likes to go bold with color you can use yellow as statement color while using grey color as accent. Or you can either use grey as center with a stripe or two of yellow.

  1. Textured Caramel

Textured colors are in trends now-a-days as it can entice senses. This color idea is inspired by clay pottery, which is perfect to display all the balances of nature, from perfection to flaws. This design displays the whole spectrum of earthiness, instead of just brown, grey or tan. The texture created in this trend is usually due to unevenness of the paint while hues provide it more depth. The end result actually looks like you are living in impressionist painting or nestled in a ceramic pot.


  1. Rust

Now-a-days the trend is all about giving a modern twist to old paint ideas. Instead of using the earlier version of just brown and tan now it’s all about using reds, yellows and oranges to create a rusty look. This look will result in vibrant red with dashes of yellow and orange to create a rust look. This will result in a warm, rustic and traditionally upscale design perfect for dining rooms or sitting areas.

  1. Urban Bronze

Urban bronze wall paint ideas have been used for decades in their natural forms. This bronze color represents the warehouse of the 1970s and the industrial loft of the 1990s. But now-a-days this color can be used wherever you want to. Bronze color is perfect to be used as an accent as this is deep and soaks the light of the room. It can be used in large furniture pieces like an armoire or chest. An added benefit of using bronze color as they complement well with metals such as iron and steel making it perfect to complement its urbanized theme. 

  1. Deep Purple

If you are someone who is looking to give your house a bold statement is purple as it gives your room a perfect facelift. Purple offers the rooms a vintage feel so you can pair it with textures such as velvet and silk to give it additional grace. You should normally the tone of purple dark normally or paint it in some geometric shapes to tone down purple’s intensity. Or if you are going for a different style you can use bright purple.  

  1. Off White

White is a color that can look both great or botched up if you do it right or get it wrong. It has both pros and cons depending on your designing style. For most instances white is often used in order to brighten up any room. However you can use textures, layers and tones of white to make your design standout. For instance adding a bit of refurbished wood to your wall and painting it white will provide its texture. You can also put furniture of off white colors with hints of grey to give it the illusion of all white.

Experiment with House Paint Ideas

You can always experiment with paint ideas to see which one looks best. In the end you just have to remember it is about you, instead of following trends go for one that suits your personality best. You have always had the option of painting it with other colors if the current one doesn’t turn out as planned.

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