What does Low Code mean in PEGA | Low code defined

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Pega is a low code platform instead of writing a number of lines code. You can use drag & drop functionality in your application as per business requirements. Low code development tools create the code for you.

With the help of the Pega platform, you can create the application as much faster rather than traditional coding techniques.  It will increase the productivity of the application.


The value of a low-code approach

In the traditional development approach, we need a large number of teams of developers to build the proprietary solutions. But In Low Code teams that work using Low Code tools are more agile and deliver value fast.


Pega provides 4 role-based workspaces, referred to as a studio. Every Studio provides specific features and tools for application development.

  1. App Studio
  2. Dev Studio
  3. Prediction Studio
  4. Admin Studio

1. App Studio

App Studio is designed for business architecture, citizen developers, and system architects. With the help of App Studio, we can build the application without touching a single line of code. It is all possible with App Studio.

(A) Low-Code/ No Code (B.) Multi-Channel (C.) Mobile (D.) UI

2. Dev Studio

Dev Studio provides advanced configuration options for tech. team members as well as system architects.

(A) Database Administrator (B) System Administrator (C) Full Stack Developer (D)

3. Prediction Studio

Prediction Studio is used by Data Scientists and Business Decision Makers.

(A) AI- Artificial Intelligence  (B) NBA- Next Best Action

4. Admin Studio

A software administration workspace managed by IT staff for system administration. Manage security, DevOps, Users, and Cloud performance of your applications.

(A) DevOps  (B) Run Time Status (C) Cloud



As a best practice, System architects and other Tech. team members work from App Studio unless the feature they need is not available in app studio.


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