What is cascading approval process and how will you configure it?

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A cascading approval process is a workflow where a request or document is passed through a series of approvals, each from a different person or group of people. This type of process is often used to ensure that decisions are made by the appropriate level of management or that all relevant parties have a chance to review and approve a request before it is finalized.

To configure a cascading approval process, you will need to determine the following:

  1. The request or document that is being submitted for approval. This could be a purchase order, a change to a policy, or any other type of request that requires multiple levels of approval.
  2. The people or groups who will be responsible for approving the request. These could be individual employees, departments, or committees.
  3. The order in which the approvals will be obtained. For example, a request might need to be approved by a manager, then by a department head, and finally by a committee.
  4. The criteria must be met for a request to be approved. This could include a budget threshold, a specific level of authority, or other requirements.
  5. The tools or software that will be used to manage the approval process. This could include a document management system, an email workflow, or a project management tool.

Once these elements have been determined, you can set up the cascading approval process by defining the steps and rules for the workflow. This may involve creating a form for the request, setting up email notifications for each step of the process, and defining the criteria that must be met for a request to be approved.

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