Why is the CBSE board becoming so popular in all countries?

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most world-famous school board. At present there are more than 9000 CBSE affiliated schools in the country. Also the board has a presence in 21 nations across the globe. The major focus of this board is on application of Science and Maths related subjects. So the main purpose is on how the concepts learned can be used in different places. One of the main benefits is that students studying CBSE board can get online home tuition for CBSE Board. The classes are delivered by the experts from anywhere in the world.

CBSE Introduction

The CBSE board got its name the ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’ some decades back. It got redesigned in 1962 when its jurisdiction was extended. Education is one of the primary subjects of concern in the Indian constitution. Many states have designed their own educational boards with different curricula as well.

But the CBSE board is the main apex board which not only has a presence in India but is located globally also. The CBSE board gives affiliation to Schools up to higher secondary level. Each year it prepares a common curriculum so that all students studying this board get standardized education. The CBSE affiliation is accepted across the world. Even students can easily get online tuition for CBSE Board anywhere in the world.

Another reason for the popularity of CBSE board is also the fact that it carries extensive research while setting the academic standards within the country. Because the board has recently introduced the Grading system based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), it gained popularity. The CBSE board is the main exam conducting body for various examinations like JEE and AIEEE and so on.

So many developments made in the past 

CBSE board is set to go global and introduce a new syllabus for international students. And going forward will be able to affiliate any school from any country from the next academic session. The Central Board of Secondary Education will also introduce a new syllabus. The purpose of doing so is to make it on par with international boards like International Baccalaureate (IB).

The new syllabus will be only meant for international students and will be taught in the interested affiliated schools from abroad.

From next session, the board will create a separate curriculum for international students. The move will help students get quality education as per the international standards. However, the Indian students will continue getting the existing curriculum.

The CBSE is all set to introduce the new syllabus in Class I and Class IX in the next session. Then every year, the new syllabus will be introduced in a new class. So all the students can take tuition at home for CBSE Board to stay updated about the latest content.

CBSE board is also in the process of becoming the best alternative to any international school board. The purpose is to make international students accessible to the best.

The new course curriculum lays much more emphasis on activity-based teaching.

CBSE Board- the best board to study

The CBSE board is the nationalized board of India and is established by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The main purpose of this board is to promote the overall growth of the student’s character rather than focusing on his/her academic development only. Another key USP of the CBSE board is the fact that it is conducive to the pattern of our country with maximum number of students studying this board. Even platforms like Ziyyara offers one-on-one online tutoring for CBSE Board. It allows students to get the best academic assistance from their homes.

The CBSE board is much more intensive in terms of the course curriculum. The main focus is on the skill development of the individuals.

Reasons why CBSE board is quite a popular board

  •       CBSE exams focus much more on the objective types of questions. Students can prepare for the national level competitive exams.
  •       CBSE students get a good base for themselves by referring to the NCERT books and other study material. The NCERT syllabus is the best way to get prepared for numerous competitive exams in the future.
  •       CBSE pedagogy is more focused on building a strong foundation for the students in the subjects being taught.

CBSE Curriculum – an internationally recognized board

The curriculum of CBSE is one of the best and is accepted everywhere in the world. The students planning to study abroad need to pass an additional exam like TOEFL/ IELTS/ SAT to get admission into renowned colleges or universities. Also unlike other boards, CBSE is useful for students who plan to go abroad for their graduation post completing their studies.

Till now, we have understood what CBSE board is all about and interestingly students can easily get online home tuition near me for CBSE Board and boost their scores.

Significance of CBSE Board

CBSE board’s main focus is to maintain uniformity and standardized procedure in the entire education system all over the world. More and more schools are getting affiliated with CBSE every year and even parents want their children to study this board. The flexibility offered by the CBSE board helps students enjoy their ability to learn.

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The CBSE schools are located all over the country and many places abroad as well. The parents can easily shift their children to any other CBSE school without any difficulty. All you need is to get admission to the best CBSE affiliated school. And side by side students can take assistance from online home tutors near me for CBSE Board to get a good score.

CBSE conducts examinations each year for Class 10 and Class 12 students, the exams are taken annually in March/April and results are announced a few weeks later.  The board curriculum is complete in itself and gives a chance to all students to enhance their skills and abilities. CBSE board’s curriculum is much more emphasized on Science and Mathematics. The board helps students understand all the concepts deeply. School going children can study CBSE board in detail from the beginning at online tuition classes for CBSE Board and at Ziyyara, students get complete assistance. Studying CBSE board lets students choose a career of their dream like engineering, medical, etc.

So hope through this article we have provided enough reasons justifying the popularity of CBSE boards. If you are studying CBSE board and require academic assistance then you can get in touch with home tuitions for CBSE Board. The experts are there to provide extended support as and when required.


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