6 Tips For Transporting Your Cat

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Cats are creatures of habit and tend to enjoy making a home and patrolling their territory. Occasionally, however, a cat needs to be transported on the road. Here are 6 tips for keeping your cat safe and healthy while in transit. 

If You Are Unsure, Contact A Professional 

If you are not sure about the best way to get your cat from A to B, or if you don’t have a car, you need to call a cat taxi. Cat transport companies will be able to safely convey your pet over long distance. They have specialist cat carriers, experienced handlers and plenty of know how. 

Secure The Carrier 

Before travelling, make sure that your cat’s carrier is secured to the rear seat using a seatbelt. This is partially to keep the cat safe and partially to keep the human occupants of the car safe. A flying cat carrier can injure or kill a person during a crash. Padded cat carriers can offer a feline slightly more protection during a smash but driving carefully is still the safest option.

Find The Right Cat Carrier 

There are many different kinds of cat carrier. You will have to make an educated decision about the temporary enclosure that your cat needs before taking to the highway. 

Look At The Weather 

We all know by now that dogs die in hot cars. Despite being descended from desert animals, cats can quite easily suffer the same fate. Check the weather before you head out on a long trip with your feline friend. If you live in a hot state, try and wait until the weather is cool before bringing your cat on a journey with you. Overheated cats are also hard to handle, as they will become disorientated and nervous. 

Take Breaks 

Take frequent breaks in order to provide your cat with food and water. Unless you have a cat leash, you won’t be able to let them stretch their legs. If you do, the occasional walk would not go amiss in keeping them happy on the road! 

Prepare For Some Mess

No matter how many precautions you take, your cat might still get nervous during the trip and make a little bit of a mess. For your sake and that of the cat’s, you will want to pull over as soon as you can to clean up the cat carrier. Never pull over on the side of the highway – cats can get spooked by the fast-moving cars and may try and bolt. Instead, find a quiet zone. Make sure there are two people present – one to clean up the mess and one to hold the cat so that it does not spring off into the undergrowth out of fear. Bring towels and air freshener with you.