7 Simple Ways To Get Closer To Your Partner Every Day

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Doing the “small stuff” daily is what makes a relationship work – especially when partners are so different from each other. 

According to Chicago marriage counseling experts, there are 7 simple ways that couples can be themselves yet also create pathways toward greater understanding and connection.  

  1. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language.

Every individual has his or her own way to express love. Some of the ways people feel loved are words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service and gifts. Recognize your partner’s top love languages and use them to support him or her. This extra effort shows that you understand what they need from you. This can be a game-changer.  

  1. Let Differences Pull You Closer.

Undoubtedly, no two individuals are alike. It is impossible to find the exact carbon copy of you in terms of nature, behavior, thoughts, or anything else. 

Use the differences to bring excitement and fun to your relationship. The difference is a chance to look at things in a new way or experience things that you wouldn’t have chosen to do otherwise. 

  1. A Six-Second Kiss

 According to Dr. John Gottman’s research on romance and connection, the “six-second kiss” is one of the simplest acts that every couple must include in their romance and friendship. 

It acts as a temporary oasis within a busy schedule and creates a deliberate break among the couple’s daily routine. The “six-second kiss” is long enough to feel romantic. It will linger with you at work and give you something to look forward to after a hectic day at work.  

  1. Take a Walk

Try to incorporate a short walk into your routine, whether in the morning before heading to work or after dinner. It is the best time to bring up discussions with your partner while enjoying nature and enjoy the fresh air. 

  1. Ask Question to Get to Know Your Partner

No matter how deeply you know each other, making a habit to ask each other questions that are intentional and allow for vulnerability. Ask questions such as: What is your best and worst memory of your childhood? What are your greatest needs and how can I fulfill them? What kinds of things do I do that annoy you? Does anything keep you awake at night that you haven’t shared with me? When do you feel most loved by me?  

  1. Share Your Daily Highs and Lows

Stop scrolling Instagram posts or streaming Netflix after work. Instead, utilize this time to hear about the high and low points of our partner’s day. Make it a habit. Celebrate with and lift up your partner. This shows you care about and take an interest in each other. Reconnect daily on an emotional level.

  1. Plan Small Surprises for Each Other

To keep your relationship fresh and strong, surprise each other in small ways. Surprises may include: 

  • Making coffee for each other in the morning, 
  • Picking up your partner’s favorite takeout on your way back home, or 
  • Doing your partner’s household tasks.

These small gestures require very little time but prove useful in making your relationships stronger. They show that you’re paying attention to your partner’s needs. Sprinkle these simple acts into your lives to create an everlasting bond.