3 Guidelines To Visit Brothels in Parramatta

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With the stigma around sex work ebbing away, the escort and prostitution businesses are booming. Visiting a Parramatta brothel as a client, especially for the first time, can be a daunting experience. 

Many workers in the industry are working hard to dismantle the stigma around sex work, and visiting a Gentleman’s Club or a brothel is a step in the right direction. Tourists and residents alike can find their first experience at a brothel can be intimidating. Worry not because this guide details everything you know about brothels. 

Brothels are companies that offer prostitution services, usually in a specific building. In Parramatta, brothels require licensing and are subject to strict health and cleanliness standards. Most brothels offer a range of sexual services and experiences as a package. 

Why should you visit a Brothel?


Brothels are safe spaces for both employees and clients. The company can guarantee the safety of both parties in a building where the management is in control. Moreover, enlisting individuals or independent prostitution services can leave you without legal support and physical security. 

There are clear rules and set standards in brothels to ensure that both the client and the employee are safe and content. 


Unlike cheap motels, licensed and registered brothels follow government-mandated health and safety guidelines. These guidelines help brothels provide workers and clients with clean spaces to enjoy themselves. 

In Parramatta, over 40% of genital infections stem from unhygienic or unclean sex practices. Visiting a Parramatta brothel can save you from a painful or uncomfortable trip to the emergency room. 

Health Guidelines

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and STIs are medical nightmares. Apart from their location being painfully uncomfortable, some have no treatment options. AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is one of the most fearsome STDs. Infected individuals never live life the same way with medical access, social stigma, and vertical gene transfer changing their lives forever. 

In Parramatta, brothels have mandatory STD checks at regular periods for workers. Moreover, clients and workers need to utilize condoms. 

These measures prevent the transmission of diseases and infections from client to worker and worker to client. 

Pre-Brothel Tips


Most brothels have a list of their sex workers online. However, images come with a tag of “likeness only”. Legally, sex workers cannot advertise their services by displaying portions beyond the shoulders. By using similar pictures, brothels work around this marketing obstacle. 


A little consideration goes a long way. Showing up to an appointment well-groomed can guarantee you better services. You must shower and shave before visiting a brothel. 

Some brothels also mandate showering before a booking.

Navigating the Brothel Experience


Many Parramatta brothels love working discreetly, and the same applies to parking. Parking for brothels is usually behind a 6-feet fence or in a sheltered space.

However, this isn’t generalized and may not always be the case. Don’t worry too much about it since there will be signs to guide you. 


Clients cannot enter most brothels without them buzzing you inside. Security assesses the sobriety and condition of the client to ensure that you are physically and mentally eligible to enter. This step plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of clients and workers.

Always remember to be amiable and decorous as workers are human and have the right to refuse.