Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends

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Hi Friends, Find the latest happy anniversary wishes for friends. Just copy and send them on WhatsApp, Facebook, or social media to make your friendship on a higher level.

More smiles, less tears
Proud moments, no fears
My dear friend, you were married today
Spend this Anniversary, a special way.
Happy Anniversary.

Wish you a Happy Anniversary and all
Now that its all said
How about making the party plan
And celebrate you being wed.
Happy Anniversary.

May you be blessed by the heavens above
Dear Friend,
May your marriage be Blessed with companionship, joy and love
May you be blessed by the heavens above.
Happy Anniversary

May the beautiful bond you share
May the beautiful bond you share
Last you a lifetime through
May the magic of love never fade
Happy Anniversary to you.

When I first met you all those years ago,
I fell in love so fast, I knew right then,
You were the one and only one for me;
I’d never have to look for love again.Each anniversary finds us happier;
You are my light–my moon, my star, my sun.
You show me what real love is all about,
You fill my life with pleasure, joy and fun.As time goes by, our love grows stronger still.
You’re the most amazing man I ever knew.
I prize our anniversaries because
Each year I fall in love again with you.

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Party hard and have fun
Live life king size,
Party hard and have fun
Sending you Happy Anniversary wishes
On behalf of everyone.
Have a smashing day!!!

I am glad to have you as friends
You are such a lovely couple
And I am glad to have you as friends
May you have the Happiest Anniversary
Hope the party never ends.

I am missing you on your Anniversary
I am missing you on your Anniversary
And I want you to know
I am counting all due parties friend
That you will come back and throw
Have a great Anniversary

I am happy to see that your marriage has beautifully survived all the stages of fear, anxiety and depression. Happy Anniversary!

You changed my perception of marriage. I thought marriage was all about forgetting yourself, but you both made me realize that marriage is all about encouraging each other to grow better. Happy Anniversary!

The adventurous journey of your love is just a romantic story that I will tell whenever I will be asked about true love. Happy Anniversary!

On your anniversary, I want to tell you that you are lucky to have the love by your side, and I always wish you to be together forever. Happy Anniversary!

I always had the feeling that marriages don’t last forever but thanks to you both that you changed my thinking. Happy anniversary!

Let the love in your blossom and with each year, it grows. Wish you a Happy Anniversary!

May you always be warmed by each other’s smile,
Always take time to walk and talk a while,
Always know deep down you’re each other’s best friend,
And enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end.
Wishing you an ‘always’ kind of love!
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary is a perfect time
To share love and affection
May you always share this togetherness
Its a divine connection
Happy Anniversary Dear Friend.

Our Love, Our romance, our chemistry
All the stars, moon, sun and
Each and every beautiful thing of
Nature remind me of our relationship,
Our Love, Our romance, our chemistry.
Each and every moment spent with you
is like a celebration.
I Love You
Happy Anniversary.  

As we learn, let us share.
As we take, let us give.
As we weep, let us care.
As we love, let us live.
Wish you a very
Happy Anniversary

No one else would understand our relationship, and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do. Happy Anniversary!

In these years together you’ve shared so many things.
That’s why this very special Anniversary brings to you, a wish that love, laughter, joy, contentment too.
Will be yours to share throughout the years ahead of you!

The way you love me, the way you come in my life,
I wish the journey should never be end till I die.
Thanks for making the day special in my life.
Happy Anniversary.

Latest Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

Long after our anniversary And this greeting has been thrown away Think of the thought behind it,
Each and everyday,
Happy Anniversary My Girlfriend!

Your love makes my days Happy and bright, Into my world you Brought pure delight, Joy beyond reason You’ve given me, Our love is true This I can see. Happy Anniversary Honey!

Hey girls.. If you want to send anniversary wishes to your boyfriend or lover, we have compiled some sweet and touching anniversary messages for your boyfriend. Don’t to forget to wish anniversary of your relationship to your boyfriend as these small things are very important in maintaining a strong and loving relationship

You are the best thing ever happening to me and i know that i want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you my darling.

Amazing Anniversary Messages for you Best Friends

Now we have spent the first year together and my only wish is to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you. Happy first anniversary.

Anniversary Messages for HIM/HER

Happy two year anniversary, baby
I love you with all of my heart and soul
You are my world, all of my dreams
And I want you to know that
I’ll never let you go
You truly are the most important person
In my life

I have enjoyed my time with you
We had fun while our love grew

Now we come upon a milestone
Of neither of us being alone

We laugh together and smile
We might fight once in a while

Your anniversary is a time
For sharing your affection;
It’s obvious the two of you
Have quite a deep connection!
Happy Anniversary…

All my love for you FREE!

Hoping that the love u shared years ago
Is still as strong today as it was
then Bringing u much joy , love
and happiness To celebrate again.
Happy Anniversary

Your wonderful day calls for a party and my buddies you are the most lovely couple I have ever seen. So let’s celebrate your Anniversary.

On your anniversary, I wish you good luck, great health and many more happy years. Happy Anniversary!

We’re learning each other well
We like to ring each others bell

No one else would understand our relationship,
and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do.
Happy Anniversary!

The most important thing you fixed Was on your day of leisure When you fixed your eyes on me That day I’ll always treasure I love you my BoyFriend Happy Anniversary..

A paper cut and lemon juice, pizza and heartburn, you and me, are just a few things that aren’t supposed to go together but usually end up that way. Happy Anniversary!

It’s my 1st Love… You’re my 1st Boyfriend… and today our 1st Anniversary… So this is the 1st wish for today from me to you… Love U forever…

Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together. Happy Anniversary my Boyfriend.

How true my feelings were I found out to be The best thing in my life Was when you found me Thank you my loving..

A light, happy heart A bright, happy day That’s what you’re wished With much love today Happy Anniversary my Love..

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The best thing about you both is that you understand each other so well, and you both motivate each other to move further. Happy Anniversary!

Cheers to the best couple. Let me tell you that you are my most favorite couple. Happy Anniversary!

No words can describe my wishes for you two, Which comes from the heart that’s true!!! Happy wedding anniversary!! Your story began in a wonderful way, and I hope it never has an end. Happy anniversary.

May you spend each day in such a way that every day you create a new memory that you will cherish throughout your life. Happy Anniversary!

Come everyone let’s give a cheer
In celebration of a couple dear.
A couple who in love unite
And are seldom cross and rarely fight.