How Stress and Anxiety Interlinked?

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Although the connection between psychological stress and anxiety appears obvious, the physiologic differences between the two states are quite nuanced. Indeed, shared neurological foundations of these two psychobiological states have been discovered after decades of research in psychology, ethology, and neurophysiology.

An organism enters an emergency state in reaction to a threat to its homeostasis, which can be caused by a real or imagined threat. 

The organism starts an integrated reaction that includes physiological and behavioral reactions when it is in this emergency condition. Physical alterations in the body, such as hypoglycemia or hypovolemia, which may occur, for example, following a serious auto accident, are examples of internal threats, or so-called systemic stresses. 

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Knowing about the BLA

The ability to assign emotional significance to sensory data is a crucial component of navigating the environment, and it has been demonstrated that both anxiety and stress disorders affect this ability. 

Value is the arbitrary ranking given to sensory input that influences behaviour. Negative valence results in defensive and avoidance responses, whereas positive valence causes approach and consummatory behaviours. 

For instance, fear increases the likelihood that ambiguous statements would be interpreted negatively, indicating an anxiety-induced valence bias. 

Recent studies have demonstrated that people with high trait anxiety tend to view astonished faces negatively. The idea that the circuits encoding emotional valence may be altered is supported by the observation that there is a link between negative valence bias and the degree of anxiety in health and sickness seen in human research.

The basolateral nucleus of the amygdala (BLA) is a crucial component that encodes emotional valence and thus controls animal behavior. This area processes sensory information from several modalities and outputs structures that regulate behavioral responses.

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How Does BLA Cause Acute Stress in the Body?

Stressful events activate numerous structures, resulting in a coordinated physical and psychological reaction to a challenge. The noradrenergic system of the locus coeruleus has a brain-wide projection pattern and is associated with both physical and emotional reactions to stress, as well as adverse memory consolidation. 

During a stressful situation, noradrenaline release causes a state anxiety response, which allows the organism to retain high attention, boost sensory processing, and strengthen executive processes in order to increase memory consolidation.

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Acute stress enhances anxiety and other stress-related behaviors by activating the BLA adrenergic receptor. Despite substantial research into the anatomical projections from LC and the role of NE in stress and anxiety, the mechanism by which LC-NE impacts BLA function to induce negative emotional states remains unknown.

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