How To Choose A Plastic Tool Box: Top Things To Consider

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A plastic toolbox is the best way to keep your tools damage-free, secure, and easy to access. Plastic tool boxes are lightweight, convenient for tool organization, and made from strong durable polypropylene designed to withstand the toughest industrial conditions. When choosing your plastic toolbox, you should consider the following:


Whether your toolbox sits in the back of a van or ute, gets lugged around building sites, or sits on an EWP, it needs to be adaptable to whatever situation you require. 

If your job requires a toolbox with extra room, look for stackable plastic tool boxes such as the Stanley 3 in 1 which comes with wide 7-inch wheels, large metal latches to secure the boxes, and a retractable handle. The boxes can be separated when you get to the site so you can leave the bulk of the tools secured in one spot while carrying around items you require for the specific task. For smaller tool boxes, choose a toolbox with a foldable handle and standard sizing to fit compactly into your vehicle. 

Easy Access

One-handed opening of your toolbox allows you to grab any tool in awkward positions or if the other hand is busy. The Facom One Touch Plastic Tool Box, for example, allows single-handed opening and automatic closing. This means your tools will remain safe and secure inside the toolbox at all times. 

Easy access to tools also means having each piece of equipment in its own compartment or storage spot within the box. Find a box that has removable trays, individual compartments, and storage boxes for accessories and small tools so you are not rummaging around to find the piece you need. 

Keep your tools intact and secure

When choosing your plastic tool box, ensure that delicate tools can be stored separately from heavy tools, and that sharp blades or edges are safe from harm. Tools can be easily damaged if they are badly stacked. Sharp edges can be blunted or notched, handles dented, and electric parts broke when tools are jumbled together. 

Plastic tool boxes come with fastened compartments for screws and nails and some will also provide elasticized restraints for screwdrivers or pliers. Removable trays can hold power tools, separate sharp tools, or delicate bits and pieces. All plastic tool boxes fasten securely with polypropylene or metal fasteners. Choose a box that is padlock-ready if you need extra security for your equipment.

Suitable for the conditions

Specific plastic tool boxes such as the RS PRO Waterproof Plastic Equipment case or the GT Line Plastic Tool Case offer special features for more extreme conditions. Ruggedized plastic tool boxes provide waterproofing for protection against rain and humidity, extra security, and can be corrosion and dust-proof according to your requirements. 

Plastic tool boxes are available in different configurations and with properties suited to your requirements. Ask a specialist for more information about the right toolbox for your tools and trade.