Latest PEGAPCSSA88V1 Dumps Questions [2023] For Passing Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 8.8V1 Exam 2023

Latest PEGAPCSSA88V1 Dumps Questions

Welcome to your Latest PEGAPCSSA88V1 Dumps Questions [2023] For Passing Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 8.8V1 Exam 2023

Select the three Pega best practices for developing activities. (Choose Three)

The ruleset list for an application consists of the following rulesets, ordered from highest to lowest:

  • SelfService:O1-O1
  • TGB-HR:O1-O1
  • TGB:O1-O1

A rule with an Apply to: lass of TGB-HR-SelfService- Work-TimeOff references a rule named ConfirmationRequest. The four instances of Confirmation Request

in the rules cache are shown in the following table.

Apply to: Ruleset : Version Availability
TGB-HR-SelfService-Work SelfService:01-01-01 Available
TGB-HRSelfService-Work-TimeOff SelfService:01-01-01 Available
TGB-HRSelfService-Work-TimeOff SelfService:01-01-02 Withdrawn
TGB TGB:01-01-02 Available

Which is chosen during rule resolution?

Which two rule types can you mark as a relevant record? (Choose Two)

There are five instances of a rule in the rules cache. The only differences between these are the circumstance settings and ruleset version. The operator's ‘access group has access to all ruleset versions.

On 1 June 2020, which instance is chosen by rule resolution if .Country = Algeria?

Ruleset Version Circumstance
SelfService:01-01-01 None
SelfService:01-01-01 .Country = Algeria
SelfService:01-01-02 Start Date = 1 January 2020
End Date = 31 December 2020
SelfService:01-01-03 None, Base Rule checked
SelfService:01-01-05 None

While running an application, 3 user notes that a system exception occurred. Which log do you review to identify the issue?

An application contains a flow action with an Apply to: class of TGB-HRApps-Work-Feedback in a locked ruleset. When updating the application, you save the existing flow action into a new minor version of the ruleset this time applied to TGB-HRApps-Work so it can be used by more than one case type.

How do you prevent the application from using the rule in TGB-HRApps-Work-Feedback?

An application includes the following set of circumstanced instances of a decision table.


You update the application and increment the AccountManage ruleset version to 01-02-01. As part of this update, the circumstance Status="Silver" is no longer needed by the application.

How do you implement this change?

Identify two options for passing data between a Pega application and a webpage containing a web mashup. (Choose Two)

You are creating a report that lists all open Personal Injury cases with related Auto Claim case information. Personal Injury and Auto Claim cases belong to the same class group.

What join type do you use to configure the report?

The report includes three columns:

Case ID for the Personal Injury case
Case ID for the parent Auto Claim case
Claim adjuster for the Auto Claim case

Personal Injury case data includes the Auto Claim case 1D.

Join Type

Which two statements are true about database tables in Pega Platform? (Choose Two)

An assignment service-level agreement (SLA) is configured with the following details:

Initial urgency: 20

Assignment ready: Timed delay of 1 hour

Goal: 5 hours and increase urgency by 10

Deadiine: 8 hours and increase urgency by 20

Passed deadline: 2 hours, increase urgency by 20, and limit events to 5

The case reaches the assignment at 10 AM on Monday.

Assuming no other urgency adjustments, what is the assignment urgency 4 hours after the case reaches the assignment?

During an Account review case, an accountant wants to create a meeting with the client. A Meeting case is created that runs in parallel with the Account review case. Neither case waits for nor reports to the other.

To configure this workflow, which type of parallel processing shape do you use?

A flow action calls a pre-processing data transform to initiate values. There are several flow actions available for the assignment. You want to make sure that the values are only initiated once for each flow action. How do you implement a solution?

Graduate school students create and submit project proposals to their advisors. During the proposal phase, the advisor and the student can each edit the draft proposal.

How do you ensure the advisor and the student can simultaneously edit the proposal, and the application can check the proposal of changes before committing them?

Which two actions do you perform when using the Performance Analyzer (PAL) to ensure that you obtain accurate performance data? (Choose Two)

Which two statements about guardrails are true? (Choose Two)

Items selected by a user need to be copied to a page list property when the user submits the form.

How do you copy the items?

If a customer reports an issue with their order, an Investigation case is created. All investigation cases are higher priority than other case types.

What configuration supports this requirement?

In an Order return case, customers ship their order to a processing facility. The company provides free two-day shipping for returns. The Process refund assignment begins once the return is received and scanned at the processing facility.

How do you configure the service-level agreement (SLA) on the Process refund assignment?

You want operators in two separate units to be able to perform work routed to either unit.

Which configuration supports this requirement?

A hospital uses a patient visit case type to track patient visits to the Emergency Room (ER). The case type can create Lab analysis end Diagnostic imaging child cases. While the child cases are active, the attending doctors and nurses must be able to update the patient visit case with notes and treatment recommendations.

Which two configurations, when performed together, allow a doctor or nurse to update the parent case while lab and imaging technologists perform assignments on their respective child cases? (Choose Two)

What two actions must you perform to create a class join in a report definition? (Choose Two)

Which two statements are true about database tables in Pega Platform? (Choose Two)

In a hiring case type, only HR Managers should have read access to a candidate's reference letter attachment. Which two tasks are used to fulfill this requirement? (Choose Two)

A hospital uses a case type to manage the treatment of patients visiting the Emergency Room (ER). Cases are created when the patient checks in at the registration desk, and are resolved when the patient is released from the hospital. Stakeholders identify the following security requirements for the case type.

  • Patients access cases on a read-only basis.
  • Patients can only access their own cases.
  • Doctors and nurses can modify cases throughout the case life cycle. 
  • Only doctors are allowed to write prescriptions.

What two steps, when performed together, allow you to ensure that patients can read, but not edit, cases? (Choose Two)

What is the purpose of the Policy Verification landing page when configuring a security solution in Pega Platform?

Organize each rule in the appropriate layer of the Enterprise Class Structure (ECS).

An application contains a rule with an Apply to class of TGB-HRAPPS-Work-Review in a locked ruleset. When updating the application, you save the existing rule into a new minor version of the ruleset with an Apply for class of TGB so it can be used by more than one application.

How do you prevent the application from using the rule in TGB-HRApps-Work-Review?

A medium-size toymaker wants to fulfill orders received during the peak season in December and process the orders in batches multiple times a day. How do you implement this use case?

For each scenario, identify the appropriate approach for building the mobile app.

Answer Area

Global Bank wants to build a mobile

app of its Pega Platform application

to embed in its mobile app. 

SDK app

Metrobank wants to build 3 mobile

app for distribution on Android and

10S app stores.

Signed app

Local bank wants to build a mobile

app for a Pega Platform application,

but developer certificates cannot be

distributed to app developers.

Unsigned app

Which two statements about building mobile applications with Pega Platform are true? (Choose Two)

Which two tasks are required to build a mobile app from a Pega Platform application? (Choose Two)

Which three items are generated and displayed in the compliance score of an application? (Choose Three)

Which two statements about keyed data pages are true? (Choose Two)

To reduce training requirements for users, a company wants to utilize the existing front end of their application.

How can a third-party application use Pega Platform?

Which statement is true about services?

Place the steps in the order in which a service processes a request.

Service Steps Order
Map outbound data
Inbound request received
Map inbound data
System returns a response
Request processing

In which of the following situations would you configure Application Settings?

Which two configurations can you use to include access groups into your Product rule? (Choose Two)

You want to create a new minor version of an application ruleset to add a new feature to your application. The new feature will be made available to users in a phased rollout.

How do you update the application to add the new ruleset version?

The current version of an application lists ABC:02-02 as an application ruleset. The ruleset versions listed in the Answer Area are also present on the system.

Answer Area

Ruleset Version Will the ruleset version be skimmed?


You are preparing to create a new major version of an application ruleset in which there are multiple minor and patch versions.

How do you create the new ruleset version?

In which situation do you configure branched rulesets?

Which two configurations can you use to include access groups into your Product rule? (Choose Two)

A music production company's application contains the following classes:

A requirement states that users assigned the role of "Director" can edit objects in any class related to studio or brand work.
At which position in the class hierarchy do you configure an Access of Role to Object (ARO) record to satisfy this requirement?

Which three types of information can represent an attribute in Attribute-based access control (ABAC)? (Choose Three)