From College Days to Shaitaan Movie: The Epic Tales of Ajay Devgan’s Journey

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Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan is in the news these days because of the film ‘Shaitaan Movie‘. This horror thriller film is getting good response from people. This film of Ajay has been released on March 8. Along with Ajay, R Madhavan and Jyothika are also in the lead roles in this horror thriller film. While Ajay is currently in the news because of the film ‘Shaitaan’, an old story of Ajay is going viral right now. This story is from Ajay’s college days. Actually, when Ajay was studying in college, he once got badly trapped. People had surrounded his car. And during this time, to save him, his father Veeru Devgan took 200 fighters.

Had arrived. Ajay himself had revealed this story on a TV show. Ajay had told that when he was studying in college, he used to have a lot of fun with his friends. Used to roam in the car with friends. Once he was traveling in a car with Sajid Khan. Then his car collided with someone. During this time Ajay had a fight with the people there. People had surrounded Ajay and he was also beaten up. When Ajay’s father Veeru Devgan came to know about this incident, he reached there taking 200 fighters with him. As soon as Veeru Devgan arrived with 200 fighters to save his son, everyone present there got scared and then everyone moved away from there.

Ajay Devgan’s first film of this year has hit the theatres. His film Shaitaan, which is directed by Vikas Bahl. She has been released. Ajay Devgan, who does action and comedy films, has come this time with the film Shaitaan to scare the audience. But this horror drama is not seen doing the same work in the theaters as was seen in the trailer of the film. Despite good acting, Shaitaan remains a weak film due to its story. At many places, the rawness of the story is clearly visible.

The Story of Shaitaan Movie

When the trailer of Shaitaan came, there was excitement in the cinema world that a great thriller of the year 2024 is going to be released. But at that very moment, a fear flashed in my mind about whether the director would be able to maintain this thrill till the end of the film because the two-minute trailer was just a glimpse, the 140-minute film was still left. My fear proved true. Satan’s story disappointed. The film is about Ajay Devgan and his family wife Jyotika, daughter Janaki and son Angad. They go to the farmhouse. A man comes there and takes their daughter under his control. Parents become helpless. After all, how does Ajay Devgan free his daughter from the clutches of Madhavan? Who is Madhavan really? You will get the answers to these questions after watching the film, but let us tell you that the first half of the film is good, the second is weak. Answers to many very important questions remain incomplete in the film. Overall, by the end, Khorfa Shaitaan becomes a very average Bollywood film.

Shaitaan Direction

Shaitaan has been directed by Vikas Bahl. Before this he had made a film like Queen. There were a lot of expectations from him. He had cut the trailer correctly. But he ruined the film. He chose a great film like Vash for the remake. The star cast was also good. The atmosphere in the film was also good. But the weak story, natural ending and incomplete points spoil the taste of the film. In this way, Vikas Bahl is not seen doing any miracles here.

Acting in Shaitaan

USP of ‘Shaitaan’ R. There is a Jugalbandi of Madhavan and Janaki Bodiwala. The acting of both has been amazing. R Madhavan has lived the character deeply. But where he is seen becoming a little ferocious and laughing, there is some elasticity because the cuteness of his face remains intact. There is only a slight mistake here. Janaki has played the role of a girl who is a victim of vashikaran brilliantly and has shown that there is no limit to acting. Papa from Drishyam overpowers Ajay Devgan at some places. Jyothika has come to Bollywood after a long time, her work is good.

Shaitaan’s Verdict

Those who are fond of Bollywood-style thriller films and are fans of Ajay Devgan and Madhavan can definitely watch this film once. Otherwise, if you go expecting a hair-raising film, you may be disappointed.

Rating: 2/5 stars
Director: Vikas Bahl
Artists: Ajay Devgan, R. Madhavan, Jyotika, Angad Raj and Janaki Bodiwala

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