Things to Do if you’ve bought your House in Summer

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If you’ve recently become a new homeowner, it can be an amazing feeling. All you probably want to do, is get in your house and start living in it. It’s normal to put off the little things, especially as your to-do list just keeps growing. 

However, while there is a lot that you can put off, some things really need attention. This is most certainly the case when you move house in summer. There are lots of jobs that will really come back to bite you in winter, if you put them off while it’s warm. 

Here are a few of the questions you should ask yourself if you’ve bought a house in the summer.

Does my boiler need servicing?

There is no way around it, getting your boiler serviced is probably one of the most boring tasks on a homeowners list! Having said that though, the last thing you want, is for your boiler to break in the middle of winter and have the prospect of taking cold showers while it gets sorted.

Making sure that your boiler is up to scratch, should be a priority.

Do my radiators work?

If they are old or haven’t been used in a while, some radiators will no longer work. They may just need repairing – or they might need replacing altogether. Again, it’s not great to realise this on the first day you go to put your heating on.

Quickly checking if your radiators work, even if it’s a really hot day, can save you a lot of trouble in the colder months. If you do need a new radiator, it can be as simple as searching what you want. Looking for an Aluminium radiator should give you peace of mind.

What’s the bathroom ventilation like?

Of all the exciting things to think about when it comes to your new home, bathroom ventilation is probably not one of them. But it’s important to consider this though, as inadequate airflow, can lead to some serious problems in winter.

In summer, it’s easy to leave the windows open in the bathroom all day. When it comes to winter, however, this option isn’t as suitable. When you have a hot shower in the winter, there may not be a lot of places for the steam to escape to, and therefore you run the risk of developing mold

This is something you really, don’t want. If steam isn’t being released through an open window, making sure that the bathroom is probably ventilated via an extraction fan, can save you from this issue in the months to come. 

Moving to your new house is much easier in the summer months. With less chance of rain and the opportunity to keep all the windows and doors open while you give it a good clean, it’s the most sensible time to relocate.

Bear in mind, that you don’t notice some issues in summer like you do in winter. So asking yourself these questions before the cold weather sets in, will save you trouble, later down the line.