Traditional Jharu Pocha vs. Robot Bhai

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Brooms and mops may appear to be a cost-effective method to save money, but the labor expenses involved with manual cleaning are sometimes considerably more than the cost of purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaning machine. Simply said, just because you’re saving money on equipment doesn’t mean you’re saving money overall. A robotic vacuum cleaning machine can remove dirt, dust, oil, and grime in a fraction of the time it takes for someone to physically sweep or scour the area. Auto-scrubbers and industrial sweepers are now whispered quiet, have long-lasting batteries and don’t pose the same safety risks as mops and brooms. Cleaning using mops and brooms is inefficient if you have a wide area to clean. They also include:

  •       Rather than eliminating germs, it spread them around.
  •       Make a smooth surface that can lead to mishaps.
  •       Are time-consuming – a tiny auto scrubber can easily clean beneath tables and around corners, saving the operator time spent moving furniture or cleaning by hand.

What’s better: Broom or Vacuum?

There are parallels and contrasts between a broom and a vacuum cleaner. The fact that they both have good cleaning properties is maybe their most striking resemblance. However, when it comes to the finest robotic vacuum to clean pet hair, their similarity ends there. Examine brooms and vacuums more closely to determine what goes well, broom or vacuum first. In addition, once you’ve finished sweeping or vacuuming, put a finishing touch with a homemade wood cleaner from your own home.

How using a Robotic vacuum cleaning machine is better than using Traditional Pocha?

The primary function of the pocha is to sweep the dust off the floor to make it squeaky clean. It entails pushing dirt around until it can be removed. This old-fashioned cleaning agent has no limitations when it comes to removing dust. As you use the pocha more, you’ll notice that it may also collect other little detritus. Along the process, you could even come across a few dead bodies of insects. Before you can cleanly dispose of the waste, you gather the debris into a pile through push and pull movement. Dustpans are usually included with brooms. 

To correctly dump the rubbish pile into a dustpan or dustbin, sweep it with a broom. There are several types of brooms in the market, each with its own set of advantages. Brooms that are large and broad are great for moving dirt. These versions are also suitable for use outside. Indoors, brooms with thin bristles and smaller in size are ideal. Brooms may be used for a variety of tasks, including removing dust, dirt, and debris from small nooks and corners.

On the other hand, Vacuum cleaners are ideal equipment for cleaning floors without making much effort. Rather than pushing or dragging waste out of the way, the gadget suctions it up. Regardless of the differences between each vacuum cleaner on the market, the majority of types require energy to operate. All vacuum cleaners collect dirt in bags or containers that may be disposable or non-disposable. As a consequence, it removes the need to physically collect dirt in a dustpan with a broom, as you would typically do. When the container is full of dust, and dirt, you must empty it into a waste bin. Washing the container regularly maintains hygiene. A buildup of dust and filth on the equipment could cause it to break down.

Comparison of manual cleaning and WET&DRY floor vacuuming

Cleaning hardwood floors can become a struggle for those who wish to keep this lovely, rustic surface clean. Indeed, the question arises, “Is it preferable to clean hardwood floors with a vacuum cleaner, or does a broom work well?”

Brooming Hardwood Floors

When you sweep your hardwood floors using a broom, make sure it has soft bristles. You can harm the outside of hardwood floors if you are using a broom having hard bristles, despite the name of the surface. Brooms are also ineffective at cleaning hardwood floors because dust, grime, and debris may enter into the microscopic cracks.

Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

If you want to clean hardwood floors, using a vacuum cleaner works better instead of a broom. Vacuum cleaners can remove dust from these surfaces’ crevices. It also produces less dust in the air, which means lesser dust in the room.

However, always remember that you cannot use just any vacuum cleaner on your hardwood floors. The beater bar on most vacuums “pound” carpets in order to stir up dust before sucking it up. Using the beater bar on a hardwood floor harms the rustic finish.

Instead, opt for a vacuum cleaner that suits your hardwood floor by allowing you to turn off or delete this feature entirely. A stick vacuum, which is suitable for usage on bare floors, is a superior alternative.

What Is the Advantages of a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and functions. Each vacuum cleaner company on the market strives to stand out from the competition by offering unique cleaning experiences to its customers. Despite the obvious variations between each device, vacuums are still an excellent cleaning tool for interior spaces.


  •       Ensure a clean environment promoting health conditions.
  •       Mops off or steam the surface (depending on the features of the unit).
  •       It is simple and quick to clean, and it does not require you to put immense physical effort when using the device.

What Are the Benefits Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an essential element of any cleaning regimen, whether at home or work. Vacuums provide several advantages for those who use them to remove dust and debris from their homes. Here are a few examples of how vacuum cleaners can make your life easier:

  1.     Effective cleaning.

Almost every vacuum-cleaning equipment on the market is capable of efficiently cleaning dirt, debris, pet hair, and other undesirable particles.

  1.     Cleaning time is short.

Instead of employing several cleaning processes, a single vacuum cleaner may be used to remove all the unwanted dust and dirt particles as well as apply smooth finishing touch to the surface.

  1.     Minimal human interaction.

Manipulation is likely the only human interaction required while utilizing a vacuum cleaner. There are robot vacuums on the market that clean floors without the need for human intervention.

  1.     Promote the healthy environment

The usage of a vacuum cleaner regularly in the home can assist to improve the health of family members. Vacuums with specific features, such as HEPA filters remove pollen and dirt from the air, makes the air cleaner to promote a healthy environment.

Why Choose Robot Vacuum provided by ILIFE India!

Advance floor cleaning equipment is proudly sold by ILIFE India. They’re simple to use, water-saving, and easy to keep up with. The following features are included in advanced equipment:

  •       Multiple settings let you use a single piece of equipment to clean all of your hard surfaces.
  •       Long-life batteries are those that have been engineered to last a long period (larger ride-on models use propane, gas, diesel, or hydrogen fuel cells)
  •       In comparison to equipment with buttons and a lot of electronics, user-friendly devices employ pedals and handles and are less likely to break.
  •       Worker tiredness is reduced through ergonomic design.

·        Designed to help your company meet or surpass industry sanitation standards. 

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