What is the Best Way to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Directly?

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Hello everyone! Do you want to try something amazing? So this is for those fellows who are fed up with downloading Instagram photos and videos. We all know it is difficult to save media files from Instagram because of its high privacy barriers. But, when you start work with DownloadGram Online Downloader, there is nothing to worry about saving any photo or video from Instagram. It is quite simple. DownloadGram Online Downloader is a perfect online platform that any person can easily touch. It is an amazing tool for giving us a chance to download Instagram photos and videos directly within a few minutes. A click will save all the files that you longing to have on your device when you are with DownloadGram.

However, DownloadGram is a management tool. It completely sets you free from installing a separate app for a particular purpose while offering online dealing. The DownloadGram Online Downloader has a quite simple user interface with a download bar. Therefore, all users have to do is copy and paste the link of the post that they wish to download in the relevant place. It converts files into readable formats when saving to devices.

So let’s get a move on and download all media files you want to round up with you easier than ever.


How to download Instagram photos and videos?

  • Launch the Instagram app or just visit the relevant website
  • Go to the post that you wish to download

Important: You can use hashtags, username, or the profile or else just scroll down the timeline to find out certain posts. Use the searching bar to make it easy.

  • Tap the menu section of the post or go to the address bar and copy the post link. The three dots on the top right corner of the post is the menu section
  • And then, search the web for the DownloadGram web page. Make sure you found the official page
  • Just click and open it
  • Go to the Download bar on the top of the page and paste the copied link
  • Tap or click the blue button and that stands for “Download Now”
  • And then click the “Download” button
  • Take a deep breath. The photograph or the video clip will save to the smartphone gallery or the folder


There are a few things to remind.

Before going through DownloadGram Online Downloader, users should check the stability of the Wi-Fi/internet connection, and the device space as well. And those who use the Instagram app should update it for a smooth performance.

 What is DownloadGram Online Downloader?

DownloadGram is a third-party tool that is not an affiliation, association, administrated or else sponsored by Instagram. It is specifically designed to download Instagram videos and photos. The original Instagram platform does not let you download any media file once it is uploaded. Sometimes users may wish to save back their very own photos or videos or someone else’s post. So it is worth bookmark a tool like DownloadGram Online Downloader.

It technically goes through CDN servers of Instagram and downloads Instagram photos and videos directly. Thus, DownloadGram Online Downloader is not a tool and that does not turn up with copyright or pirated content. As it is a common fact, only a public account can let you download Instagram videos and photos using DownloadGram Downloader.

The best thing about DownloadGram Online Downloader is its workability on any device based on any operating system. It can be a smartphone or Windows and Mac OS X. It does not matter the web browser is Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin or whatever.

 What’s more?

Quality is one of the important facts when we collect photographs and videos. The developer of DownloadGram Online Downloader considered this matter and arranged it as a true quality media downloader. And because mp4 and JPG are the highly recommended qualities of respective media files, all the photos and videos will automatically convert their formats during the process. Do not worry about the count of downloads for it is absolutely unlimited.

The rapidity is another highlighted quality of DownloadGram Online Downloader. Your performance will be smoother when connected to a stable internet connection. And DownloadGram Free is a completely free service.

 Highlights of DownloadGram

  • Free support
  • Unlimited download facility
  • Rapid performance
  • Online admittance without download as an app or software
  • Support any leading operating system and smartphones and desktop devices
  • Simple user interface and steps to follow
  • Automatically convert photographs and videos into JPG and mp3
  • Download media files with the same quality


Is DownloadGram Online Downloader a free tool?

Yes, it is. The service of DownloadGram Online Downloader is completely free for uncountable downloads. No need to make any payment to download Instagram files through this.

Is it safe?

It is better to keep in your mind that Instagram is a social media platform where users should not repost copyrighted media. DownloadGram Online Downloader does not host pirated content. It just downloads files using the given link from Instagram CDN servers.

Therefore, DownloadGram is not an illegal tool at all. And it is safe to use.

 Wrapping up

If you are an Instagram user, there is no doubt that you have passed many exciting photographs and videos. Unfortunately, you can go through them only when you are online. And you even have to waste your mobile data or Wi-Fi repeatedly for that. And even some people cannot save back their very own media files. These are common issues that face because of Instagram’s download inability. In such a situation, we brought you the tool call DownloadGram Online Downloader. Of course, it is an online Instagram photos and videos downloader.

The very simple user interface of DownloadGram Online Downloader lets any user go through it and save any media file of Instagram. It is a free and safe service. And the photo or the video will download to the device once you copy and paste the link of the post. A simple click will bring all the loved media files to you.