WhatsApp finally enables users to easily locate their group chats

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WhatsApp is perhaps one of the most used messaging platforms worldwide. The app has maintained its popularity over the years except perhaps when it recently updated its privacy policy. The Facebook-owned platform faced extreme criticism over its latest policies which resulted in a decrease in the number of users. In order to retain its users the company has been releasing a slew of features. The strategy seems to be working for now and all the hubbub over the policy seems to be forgotten.

The most recent feature by the company will make it easier for users to locate their group chats.

New Feature

You may be a member of several WhatsApp groups, each of which serves a distinct set of individuals, has different goals, and is otherwise unique. You may exchange various phone messages in each group. In light of this, the app is working on a feature that allows users to rapidly design a group icon. This functionality was picked up by WABetaInfo a few days ago with the WhatsApp beta for iOS. It has a basic editor that allows users to choose an emoji or sticker and match it to a background color of their choice. It appears that some latent code for the Android version with beta v2.21.20.2 has been discovered. Without going under the hood, you won’t be able to find it, but the hint is there.

You should be able to create a group icon by clicking the Group Info icon and then clicking the camera button. It’s certainly quicker than digging through the cloud for a photo or creating unique artwork. While the functionality isn’t yet incorporated into the latest Android beta, if you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, you can use APK Mirror to get a look at it.

Summing Up

This feature joins the constantly growing list of features released by WhatsApp. The messaging app is working overtime to retain users and it seems it is the appropriate approach if it wants to remain at the top.