Why do Developers prefer to use Angular.Js Framework over others?

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Before understanding why developers prefer the Angular.Js framework over others it is necessary to know what this framework is and how it works. Angular.Js framework is an open-source front-end web framework based on JavaScript. It is developed and maintained by Google and is best suited for the development of single-page applications. We can consider Angular.Js as the highest sustainable technology in the market over the years. There are multiple benefits of using an Angular.Js Framework or hiring an Angular.Js development company to develop a website. Here we have mentioned eight major reasons for opting for the Angular.Js Framework for single-page app development. 

Easy Testing

Angular.Js provides an ease to the developer to test the coding. Whereas in other frameworks, developers have to go through a lengthy process to test and find bugs in the coding. It also allows the developers to manipulate the application parts. In the module separation feature in Angular.Js, a developer can load necessary services into the framework and perform automatic testing to find bugs. Additionally, if you follow the one file one module principle in the Angular.Js  framework, then you don’t even need to remember the order of the module. 

Simplified MVC Pattern

Angular.Js framework provides a Model-View-Controller feature to the programmers for architectural setup, though it is not as established. Developers do not have to split an application into different Model-View-Controller components if they are working on Angular.Js. You don’t can do it single-handedly and can unite them later.

Angular.Js ensures that developers don’t have to make any additional effort to code or eliminate bugs or unnecessary code. The simplified MVC architecture of Angular.Js allows programmers to retrieve and update information efficiently. They can also manage Directives through another team that is not a part of the app code. Combinedly, we can say that you need to code less, and the processing in Angular.Js  is quite fast. According to a report by Amazon, in every 100-millisecond, you can achieve 1% extra revenue by enhancing the page loading speed.

Code Consistency

The development of any website or application requires consistent coding and only a developer or coder knows how important it is to be coding to be consistent. They know that it will be hard for them to face the circumstances if the content fails to resonate with the readers at any point. Hence, Angular.Js  is taking additional care when it comes to consistency in coding. Also, Inconsistent coding for any application or website will degrade the reach of the website and increase the risks of delayed launches. Also, you might have to pay additional costs to develop an application with inconsistent coding. So, we suggest you go with Angular.Js if you want consistent coding or want to use templates/code snippets.

Modular Structure

Angular.Js is efficient in sorting codes into buckets, no matter whether it is a component, directives, or service. Angular.Js friendly developers will always refer buckets to store modules. Eventually, distinguishing modules is the simpler way to make your application work efficiently and increase its performance by increasing its loading speed. Also, Angular.Js has made it easier for developers to achieve the goal by dividing the work within different teams. In between, you can do the best modules that enable the customers to understand your perspective of creating this website. Developers can easily increase and improvise their productivity by using appropriate modules in Angular.Js.


Angular.Js  is a reusable framework which makes this a highly usable framework in the market. A developer can create multiple applications by using the same slot of coding. Also, the application or website created using Angular.Js is extremely User friendly.

Simplified Unit-Testing

Pages are coded separately in Angular.Js that enable testers to implement unit testing independently on each page. Angular.Js framework is majorly used to create code for single-page applications. If you are creating an application or website with multiple pages, then you can easily test them through the Unit-Testing technique. 

Improved Readability

Generally, it is difficult to read codes efficiently for a website or application with multiple pages. But with Angular.Js, you can easily read codes as they are consistent. Even new developers can read the code in an efficient manner without facing any hassle. Easy reading of codes in any framework ass extra points in the bucket of the developer as they don’t have to waste time reading and understanding the code. 

Ease of Maintenance

Angular JS provides developers with an easy-to-maintain framework. They can easily replace the code with the efficient one to increase the performance. It simply enables easy updating and maintenance of coding in any application. 

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