7 Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

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Many people neglect their feet and forget when they’re taking care of other parts of the body. They don’t know what they are missing when they pay no attention to the healthy status of their feet. Also, when you don’t take good care of your feet, you risk suffering from various kinds of foot infections.

Fortunately, there are tips that would’ve unsurprising results to the health of your feet. The proper care of the feet ensures that your feet remain active and free from infections that can cause diseases. Here are the simple tips that will help you achieve much if you honor them to the letter;

1. Stop Sharing Foot Gears

Among the list of personalized items, foot wears should feature. You need to use foot wears the same way you utilize your towels, panties, and handkerchiefs. Wearing other people’s foot gears could put you at the risk of contracting infections that could culminate in diseases such as athletes’ foot. Renting shoes and socks is equally bad.

2. Always Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

There’s no doubt that you expected this point even to be on the top list. Clean your feet every day the same you bathe to keep away harmful germs. When you leave your feet dumpy and wet, you invite fungi infections on your feet. It’s, therefore, a good habit to keep your feet dry all the time.

3. Trim Your Toenails Carefully

Your toenails should remain short since long nails can harbor small pests like jiggers. However, when cutting the nails, you shouldn’t trim them too close to the skin as it can cause pain and irritation. Cut your toenails straight and across.

4. Choose Breathable Shoes

To keep your feet dry, you need to wear shoes that allow proper circulation within your feet. The breathable shoes also add comfort and reduce suffocation to your feet. If you’ve feet that are sweaty, it’s a wise idea to wear shoes with mesh fabrics for an improved circulation.

5. Examine Your Feet Regularly for Infections

On a weekly basis, you need to monitor your feet for infections. You can do it while bathing or at your other free time. If you see any discoloration of your toenails, you shouldn’t ignore it because it’s a sure sign of fungi infections. Also, check the soles and toes for any of scales peeling off, it can be an evidence of Foot Athletes.

In addition, if you’re diabetic, you need to observe your feet daily. It’s because the diabetic condition can increase incidences of foot sores and infections.

6. Have a Regular Foot Massage Excercise

The best way to improve air circulation on your feet is through constant foot massage. With the use of the best foot massager, your spouse can massage your feet just before you go to bed. Foot massage also reduces pain on the feet and makes you feel comfortable.

7. See Your Doctor

It’s important to know when to see your doctor. The doctor of the feet is called a podiatrist. Never assume that you understand everything about your feet. If any condition makes you suspicious, you need to see your doctor before it’s late.


It’s your feet that take you to place; you should, therefore, treat them with care to improve comfort and reduce pain. Besides, better care of the feet makes them active and minimizes infections.