7 ways having a mobile app can benefit your business

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To make your business relevant in today’s market, you must follow trends. Since the number of people who use mobile phones for everyday actions is constantly rising, mobile apps gained popularity among digital marketers.

However, not everyone is sure if having a mobile app is necessary. If you’re one of them – this list that professionals from Alpha Efficiency helped us write will show you 8 ways your business can benefit from having a mobile app.

Benefits of building a mobile app for your business

1. Increase sales & keep profits

An increase in sales is good for every business. And here is exactly how building a mobile app can help you sell more products and keep all of your profit.

    • People prefer apps for buying: People today love using their mobile phones when ordering products online. And to complete this action, most of them prefer using an app instead of a website. This is only one of the ways having a mobile app can help you with sales.
  • Personalized offers: You can use your app to provide current information about specials and discounts, send personalized offers, increase customer loyalty, and more. This will generate more sales, as personalized offers can be very tempting for many of us.
  • Shorter buying journey: A mobile app will make the process of buying simpler for people, as their payment information can be stored more easily. This way, your products will always be within reach. Just one or two screen touches, and congratulations – you made a sale!
  • Pay no commissions: Building a platform will allow you to keep the whole profit, as you won’t have to pay commissions to anyone.

However, the key is to develop a mobile app that serves your business’s needs rather than building something that will generate revenue in the short term. This will help you create a platform that can be expanded as your business grows.

2. Customer loyalty

Having a mobile app will let you create unique reward programs for users. This is a great way of building a loyal customer base by providing valuable offers. An exciting reward program spreads quickly from mouth to mouth, and soon everyone will be talking about your brand.

3. Offline access for users

The fact is, most people today carry their mobile phones in a pocket wherever they go. And in some places, they won’t have internet access. By building a mobile app, you can save users’ data and provide offline access to it. They will now be able to enjoy your content 24/7.

4. Easier navigation for users

Websites can sometimes be difficult to navigate and manage, which is why having a mobile app can be beneficial for your business. If designed right, they provide a user-friendly interface that will satisfy more customers. A great user experience is vital, as it will boost your brand and increase the chances of people using your services.

5. More brand awareness

Mobile apps are great for increasing brand awareness, as customers are much more likely to keep a close eye on their app than they would on a website. Apps are very useful when it comes to building a good relationship with customers as you will get more data about their habits. This will help you craft the right message for everyone. 

6. Improved brand image

Almost every big brand has a mobile app, and there is a reason for that. Having a mobile app will make your business look more professional and trustworthy. It will also improve your chances of standing out in the crowded market full of competitors that don’t have one yet.

7. New marketing channel

Building an app will create a whole new marketing channel for your business needs. Here is what this will bring to you:

  • Data control – you will control all of the user data and won’t depend on others. 
  • A powerful tool for reaching people – having a mobile app will let you reach users through push notifications. By using them, you can keep your customers informed, and even better – you can target push notifications to specific audiences to deliver the right message. Of course, overusing them is not wise, and you should try to provide value with every push notification you send. This will generate more sales and longer-term relationships with your customers. They will be excited whenever they hear that familiar sound on their mobiles.

Final thoughts

Now that we know how mobile apps are helping businesses, we can guess that your business would benefit from having one too. However, ensuring the high quality of the app is of big importance. It will let you establish better connections with customers, and get your business closer to the level of big brands, which will naturally lead to increased revenue.