A beautiful message to all Papa ki Pariyan

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A beautiful message to all Papa’s Pariyan (daughters) who run away from home,

“Papa Raj is very good…
I will marry him only..otherwise!! ,

The father remained stunned for a moment after hearing these words of his daughter.

Then he became normal and said –

ok but first i

I want to test it with you only then

You will be married to Raj…

Tell me is it acceptable?

‘Daughter chirping

She said, “Yes, I agree.”

Is there a better life partner than Raj?

Just can’t..

He will be successful in every examination.

You don’t know Papa Raj!’

The next day when Neha met Raj in college, her face was hanging… Raj said smilingly.

-‘What’s the matter sweet heart..’

Why are you so sad…

You smile otherwise I will give up my life.

Neha angrily

She said, ‘Raj, stop joking…’

Papa for our marriage

Have refused…

What will happen now ?

Raj blows things up

What might have happened…

We will run away from home and go to court

Will come back after getting married.

Neha interrupted him and said

But all this will require money… can you manage?

Will you do it?”’

Oh that’s the problem…

I can give my life for you but right now I don’t have money…

It is possible that after running away from home, we will have to hide in a hotel somewhere.

You do this, whatever silver, gold or cash you can get your hands on in your house, bring it…

Well I will also try…

Tell me to come home tomorrow

you are going to college and from here

We will become fur…

To make dreams come true!”

Neha said while being innocent

-”But this will bring great disgrace to me and my family.”

Raj spoke carelessly

-”Defamation, it keeps happening…

Don’t worry about it..”

Before Raj could say anything further, Neha slapped him hard on his cheek.

Neha said angrily

-‘You are a scoundrel ready to sacrifice your life for anything, you don’t even care if the person you love and his family get a bad reputation in the society….

Claims love…

The ill-mannered person should know that I am that blind person.

I don’t have a girlfriend who would spoil my father’s honor and indulge in debauchery. Which dreams will come true….

If I run away, my father will commit suicide by consuming poison.

If I auction my father’s honor and run away with you, I will have great respect in the society and in my in-laws…they will be proud of me…and the world of dreams will be far different from this society…

We have to live in this society…

Will we run away from home and live in the sky? Do you have any answer..

Hearing clapping from behind

When Raj looked back he could not recognize him.. Neha ran to him.

She went away and wiped her tears and said – ‘Papa, you were right.

This is not love, it is just a trap in which thousands of girls like me get trapped and ruin their lives!!”