Is it right to have a Relationship with other person after marriage

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We will discuss today whether Is it right to have a relationship with another Man or Woman after Marriage. Only one thing should be kept in mind in this world! That there is no right or wrong here….everything depends on your circumstances, so do not waste everything in the name of excessive idealism.

And as far as relationships are concerned, first of all, you should understand your married life. If your life partner is unable to satisfy you physically due to some reasons, then you should discuss this matter very comfortably with your partner.

And if he cares about your happiness, then in some special circumstances he may not allow you openly but he will not oppose it either. Then it is your responsibility to find someone who can support you physically. He should be capable of fulfilling your needs and should also be mentally mature and a trustworthy person who will also keep your social reputation intact. If you enjoy physical pleasures while fulfilling your family and social responsibilities, then there is nothing wrong in it, provided that physical pleasure is being fulfilled by only one person and not by many.

So that your family life continues uninterrupted and your social prestige also remains intact. If you are able to handle so much, then there is no harm in getting physical happiness.