Empowered Woman Teaches a Lesson on Dowry Expectations

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Today we will talk about the Lesson on Dowry Expectations. On the second day of marriage, as soon as the daughter-in-law came out of her room at 7 am, she heard the harsh voice of her mother-in-law sitting in the drawing room…

Now this habit of waking up late will not work here

On hearing this, the daughter-in-law went back to her room and came back wih a diary and a small leather bag and sitting next to her mother-in-law, she opened the page of the diary and started reading it.

Maruti Ertiga – 16.40 lakhs

42 inch smart TV – 52 thousand

Fridge – 13 thousand

Washing machine – 10.50 thousand

Sofa + dining table + bed – 1.10 lakhs

Mixer + oven + other electronic appliances – 1.65 lakhs

Cash – 15 lakhs

After reading what was written in the diary, the daughter-in-law said… Mummy, this is the list that was sent from this house to my father before the marriage. My father has sent all the things written in the list with me. You can compare all the things and also see that you have not asked for me in this list that…. daughter-in-law should be educated, talented, cultured and working. You just put a price on your son and my father bought your son for me.

And yes mummy, while bidding farewell, my father gave me this bag and said…

Daughter, you were safe as long as you stayed in my courtyard. But from today onwards, you have to protect yourself.

The mother-in-law curiously asked what is in this bag, then the daughter-in-law slowly opened the zip of that small bag and there was a 32 bore revolver in it.

Seeing this, the mother-in-law quickly got up controlling her heavy breathing and said…daughter, you have just woken up from sleep, wait I will make tea for you.