Miracle of Motherhood – Heartwarming Journey to Becoming a Mother

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It had been 11 years since Sonal got married but she had not got the happiness of becoming a mother. She had done everything- temple, prayed to the goddess, fasted but nothing happened… the doctor also did not tell anything about any deficiency in both of them.. then I don’t know for which sin God has given me the result… thinking this Sonal used to keep her heart upset.

Both her brother-in-laws got married in front of her.

In one year God blessed them with a child in each of their laps.!

Her nights were spent wetting the pillow everyday…!

Although her husband did not say anything… but when he would get busy with the children of his sisters-in-law as soon as he came from outside in the evening.. he would take them in his lap and start feeding them then Sonal’s heart would hurt a lot…! Well what could she have done??

It is not that she did not love these children.. she used to love them a lot…

But one corner of her heart was very sad…!

Time was flying with wings…! Meanwhile, the middle brother-in-law got transferred to another city. Now the world in the house consisted of the younger brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their younger daughter and she and him….!

Suddenly he came to know that the younger one was pregnant again. He felt his absence once again in his heart but he surrendered to God’s will…!

One day while having food, she suddenly heard…brother-in-law was saying to sister-in-law “Seema, we should give our second child to elder Bhabhi and brother-in-law..! How will it be?? When Sonal heard this, she was shocked. Will this happen?? Can I really become the mother of a child??? In the excitement of her happiness, she could not see the expressions on sister-in-law’s face..!

From the second day onwards, she started taking more care of sister-in-law. Sonal was so happy as if she herself was becoming a mother. She secretly made clothes, socks, cap etc. for the new baby…!

The time came and younger sister-in-law gave birth to a child, but the child remained in the mother’s lap… sister-in-law’s indifferent behavior broke her heart. She gave up the remaining hope after listening to both of them… when brother-in-law was explaining to his wife that “what if we give the child to sister-in-law…!

And the sister-in-law said that… the child will stay at home, whether it is with me or them… I cannot give my child completely to anyone…

That’s it!

Her dream of becoming a mother also came to an end…!

After a few days, the news came that the middle sister-in-law was also going to become a mother… Sonal congratulated her on the phone…! She cried a lot but what can happen before the will of God…?

One night, the news came that the middle sister-in-law has given birth to a son… Actually, the doctor had forbidden the middle sister-in-law from traveling this time due to some complications…! So they had decided to get the delivery done in the city itself…! At night, the brother-in-law said on the phone, “Bhabhi, bring everyone with you, we are organizing a function for the child next week…!”

She completed the journey while crying in her heart. The younger brother-in-law, his two children, husband, mother-in-law, everyone was with them…but she was not with anyone..!”My life has become meaningless, God, you never listened to me…! She would mumble this in front of every temple she passed…!

By evening she had reached the middle brother’s house with everyone…! A grand ceremony, lots of people, hustle and bustle!

But no one was even talking to her properly…! Some women were whispering too…her husband had also come and got busy with work. She was sitting idle…! Just then a woman said “Are you Sonal ji?” “Yes” “Come on”… saying this the woman took Sonal to a room…the middle brother-in-law was lying there with the child… she said reproachfully “Where are you Didi? We have a baby shower function in the evening and you are sitting with such a sad face…come on, first you get ready properly and then take care of the child…a tearful girl When Sonal got up to get ready, the woman who had accompanied her said, “Come today, I will get you ready… Sonal later came to know that she was a beautician…!

Light makeup, kajal in eyes, lots of gajra in hair, red Banarasi saree… Sonal’s beauty was worth seeing but there was also irritation in her eyes… my sister-in-law has a child in her lap and why are these people decorating me so much..??

Then everyone gathered in the hall where the program was to be held…!

The middle sister-in-law did not let her touch the child even once…! Sonal was about to cry…. just then the middle brother-in-law calmed everyone down and said… “Today’s function has been organized to celebrate the birth of the first son of my elder brother and sister-in-law… All of you please bless us by giving your blessings to Mrs. Sonal and Rajesh ji and the newborn baby…

And the middle sister-in-law came and rebuked Sonal and said… look, sister, I have been roaming around with my child in my lap for so long… I am tired…!!!!

And tears started flowing from Sonal’s eyes… the support of Rajesh’s arms and the little prince between them, everything seemed to be mixed up…!!

Have I really become a mother???

The noise of the applause, everyone’s smiling faces, the happy smile of the middle brother-in-law and sister-in-law were saying this…

That she has become a mother…🙏🙏🙏

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