Benefits Of Launching An Effective Gojek Clone App For Your On-Demand Business

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Gojek Clone apps have becomes super popular in the last few years. Apart from the fact that it makes it extremely easy for the users to find any kind of service provider and get jobs done.

It has also become the perfect marketplace like a platform for service providers from different kinds of work forays to make their services available for the people. 

Before we get into understanding why the Gojek Clone app is a beneficial business tool, let us try to understand what the Gojek Clone app is all about and its scope. 

What is the Gojek Clone app?

The Gojek Clone app is a multi-service platform in the form of a mobile application. It has been built on the basic premise of the Gojek application that was started in Indonesia and built to serve as a digital tool to locate and hire bike taxis. 

With time, the app found a large user base in delivery and other services and therefore the app became extremely popular. Fashioned after the Gojek app, the multi-services are on-demand.

Gojek Clone app is also a mobile application that allows users to hire service providers ranging from taxis to making deliveries, to buying items online, and even hiring on-demand professionals like doctors, beauticians, and so on and so forth. 

Scope of the Gojek Clone App

As mentioned above, the Gojek Clone app consists of 4 primary types of services which are further subdivided into niche services. Let us take a look at them all.

  • Taxi Service

This part of the Gojek Clone app is similar to the taxi app. After landing on the home page of the Gojek Clone app, the user can see multiple icons for each service.

On clicking the taxi option, they can now access the taxi service portion of the app. With this, they can now hire a taxi of their choice from the app.

These taxis can be a bike taxi, or a hatchback, sedans, or even SUVs based on their present requirement of the number of people traveling and their budget and requirement.

The app makes it extremely easy for people to make a taxi booking and even make payments directly from the app. 

  • On-Demand Parcel Delivery App

This section of the app allows users to send parcels around. This section is further divided into two sections:

  1. Single Delivery: Here the user can send a parcel (or even parcels) from one place to another. The size and number of items can be anything, but it is called single delivery as the parcel (or parcels) can only be sent to a single destination.
  2. Multi Delivery: Here the user can send parcels to multiple locations. Once again the size and dimension of the parcel can be anything. 

The user can select the type of vehicle they want to send the delivery on. For example, the user can send across an envelope or even a hundred bags of cement using this app. so, they can send across a cycle or a truck as per their choice for the parcel delivery. 

  • On-Demand Store-Based Delivery

In this section, the user can purchase items directly off the app and get them delivered to their doorstep. The various categories within this section are on Demand:

  1. Restaurant Delivery
  2. Grocery Delivery
  3. Pharmacy Items Delivery
  4. Bottled Water Delivery
  5. Baked Goods Delivery
  6. Home Cooked Meals Delivery
  7. And so on and so forth
  • Hire On-Demand Service Provider

This section will open up a list of over 52 different services within. The Gojek Clone user can hire any kind of service on demand such as:

  1.  Doctor
  2.  Beautician
  3.  Electrician
  4.  Plumber
  5.  Maid
  6.  Handy Man
  7.  Tow Truck
  8.  Window Cleaner 
  9.  And so on and so forth. 

Advantages Of Getting The Gojek Clone App For Your Business

Changing the platform from manual to digital in a multi-service-based business has many advantages. Let us discuss some of the top few. 

  • Digital Invoicing

You can generate digital invoices for every time there is a service hired easily with the app. Since the app manages it automatically, there is no chance of error or problem within it. 

  • Extensive Reports

The only way you can keep a handle on the growth and trajectory of a business is by making sure that you know exactly what is happening at every step.

  • Digital Promotion

If you have the Gojek clone app, you can make sure that you can promote and share your app across various digital platforms. In this day and age of social media, apps like these can become quick clickbait and get you more and more downloads quickly and easily. 

  • Keeping up with the times

Every reputable business in today’s times has an app. Most people associate a brand with an application of their own. Having the Gojek Clone multi-service app will allow you to stay in sync with the market and also establish a brand of your own. 


The Gojek Clone app has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. As more and more people have started understanding the advantages of having a single application to hire all kinds of service providers. 

It is becoming increasingly evident that the Gojek Clone app is a super solution in the market today. Understanding the scope and nature of the Gojek Clone app can help you make the most of the business.

Having your own multi-service on-demand application has many advantages from being able to digitally promote your business, establishing your brand, getting downloadable reports, and much more. 


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