Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Dot Net Development

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Microsoft is known for introducing software technologies and solutions that continue to power millions of computers and web access devices worldwide. Among its many popular solutions and technology platforms used by the mass and IT professionals, Dot Net deserves a special mention. It is an open-source, free programming tool used by thousands of software development professionals. It has been used to create plenty of practical, intuitive cross-platform applications meant for PC, web, mobile devices, and cloud services. 

Businesses of varying types often opt for dot net development as it is a cost-effective and streamlined way to develop functional new applications. Originally unveiled by Microsoft in the 1990s, .NET technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. It was re-launched in 2002 as a standalone product. The source code was made accessible to the users in 2007. After that, Microsoft has kept on updating the technology and framework. It boasts of a dedicated, robust user community.

What are the main advantages of choosing .NET development?

Nowadays, businesses seeking .Net solutions either choose a regional dot net development company or opt for outsourcing .Net development of an offshore agency. Before you do any of the two, it is necessary to know the core advantages offered by the framework.

Listed here are the major advantages of using .Net development:

  • Object-Oriented Programming- This is a major strength of the Dot NET framework. This eases the development process to an extent. Developers can reuse existing codes, and that cuts down development costs and time. They can also make use of a wide range of custom libraries and assets. This helps in lending the Dot Net application a unique feel. 
  • Versatility- Over time, Microsoft has made the Dot NET framework flexible and cross-platform compatible. It can be used to create applications for diverse operating systems and devices. Developers use this technology to build dynamic web, desktop, and mobile applications. In fact, it can be used to make cloud applications too. It works across multiple operating systems too.
  • Ease of maintenance- Developers need to use just one language or framework to power diverse applications. So, maintenance is not a hassle. 
  • Huge support base- Dot NET framework has a massive support base. Over the decades, a robust online support base has been developed. 
  • Secure development- When you choose the Dot NET framework for building web, Mobile or PC applications, there is no need to worry about application security.
  • Enhanced application performance- .Net Core features a modular range of modular. So, developers can pick and deploy only the required libraries when developing specific applications. Discarding extra and unnecessary libraries makes the applications lightweight and enhances overall performance. 
  • Integration possibilities- It is possible to integrate .Net Core with third-party applications and technologies. For example, developers can use it in alliance with different CRM applications. 

The pros of Outsourcing Dot Net Development

Companies in the EU and the USA prefer .Net technology solutions. However, the reality is the European workforce market copes with a deficit in digital skills. Finding adequate skilled .Net development professionals and agencies can be rather tough. So, a majority of US and EU-based companies opt for outsourcing dot net development services. They mostly hire such agencies based on the Asian subcontinent. 

The advantages of outsourcing .Net development are:

  • Cutting down on cost- By outsourcing .NET Development to a remote or offshore company, you can cut down on application development costs. The offshore .NET Development agencies offer lower rates. It also helps save additional costs like renting office space. You can evade hiring regional developers who command hefty charges.
  • Expertise- The offshore .NET Development entities have considerable expertise in the technology and framework. Some of these agencies have been offering .Net services and packages for over a decade. So you can count on their expertise and skill set. No matter how complex your application development needs are, these agencies can address that.
  • Timely delivery- when you outsource .NET Development to a suitable and veteran offshore-based dot net company, you can expect timely delivery. These outsourcing agencies are quite professional, and they focus on delivering solutions on time. 
  • Regular workflows on track- Your company may be occupied with its own software development and operations. By developing a .Net solution in-house, these operations may get delayed and hampered. When you get such solutions developed by an outsourcing agency, your company’s workflow remains uninterrupted. This can be especially useful in large-sized companies.

The cons of Outsourcing Dot Net Development

There can be some pitfalls of hiring an outsourcing agency for developing .Net solutions. These are:

  • Dependency on the agency- When you choose to outsource .Net application development to an offshore company, you are dependent on it for aspects like product/application quality and timely delivery.
  • Risk of IP theft- while the outsourcing agency may sign an NDA with your venture, it is hard to monitor if your IP rights are being kept confidential or not. 
  • Timing gap- If you choose an outsourcing agency for developing .Net applications, the timing gap can be an issue. If the application develops a snag or finds bugs, contacting the agency and getting a prompt response can be problematic.

Ways to ensure you hire an apt outsourcing agency for developing/Net solutions/applications

When you look for a Dot Net outsourcing service provider, it is necessary to assess the contenders on some key aspects. This will ensure you end up hiring the most suitable agency.

  • Track record- When you contact a Dot Net outsourcing agency, ensure you check its track record carefully. Find out the clients it has worked for. A company with a track record of working with several high-profile clients from various industries is likely to be a good contender. 
  • Expertise – Checking the expertise of the Dot Net outsourcing entity is also necessary. Find out if it makes use of the latest version of the framework or not. It is better if the developers are well-versed in other Microsoft technologies. Top agencies keep developers with long expertise and relevant certifications.
  • Portfolio- The best way to assess the suitability of a Dot Net outsourcing service provider is by checking out the applications developed by it. Take time to assess the mobile, cloud, or web applications created by the company before hiring them for your brand needs. Check if its applications are fast, functional, and secure. 
  • Response- The way a Dot Net outsourcing entity reverts to your queries reveals a lot about its credibility. The top and reliable players in this sector revert fast, and they never evade resolving queries of prospective clients. Professional Dot Net outsourcing entities may offer you face-to-face or video conferencing-based consultation sessions.
  • Work terms- Before signing up for the services of a Dot Net outsourcing company, make sure you go through its service terms. Check for aspects like charges, work clauses, support, and delivery, etc. Overlooking these aspects can lead to hassles later. 
  • Reviews- It is prudent to check out reviews and feedback of the clients of Dot Net outsourcing entities before you sign up for their services. For finding feedback from their clients, check the websites and also locate their social media profiles.

Summing it up

Choosing an outsourcing entity to make functional, agile Dot Net applications for your brand can be a wise decision. The advantages offered by the platform are too big to overlook. However, you should not hurry about selecting such outsourcing service providers. 

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