Best places to visit in winter season 

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There are many great places to visit during the winter season, depending on your preferences and what you’re looking for in a vacation. Some popular destinations include:

European Christmas markets: Cities like Vienna, Prague, and Munich are known for their beautiful Christmas markets, which offer a wide range of festive activities, such as ice skating, caroling, and traditional crafts.

Ski resorts: Winter sports enthusiasts can visit world-class ski resorts in places like the Swiss and French Alps, Colorado, Utah and Canada.

Northern lights destinations: The winter is a great time to visit destinations where you can see the aurora borealis, such as Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Winter-wonderland cities: Cities like Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and Harbin, China known for their picturesque winter landscapes and charming old-world charm.

Tropical destinations: For a break from the cold, consider visiting tropical destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

Desert destinations: Some desert destinations can also be pleasant during winter. Places like Rajasthan in India, Moroccan deserts or places in Arizona and Utah can be wonderful during winter with moderate temperature and clear sky

Ultimately, the best winter destination for you will depend on your interests and budget, but these are some popular choices that offer a wide range of activities and experiences.