Can We Earn Money from Quora? (Discover 5 Ways)

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If Google is the search engine of the world, Quora can be dubbed its answer engine. Just look at the monthly traffic Quora attracts; 491 million of which almost 22% comes from India. So if you’re thinking if you can earn money from Quora, the short answer is yes, you can earn money from Quora.

In this post, I will share 5 ways to earn money from Quora using free and paid methods. So, keep reading.

How to Earn Money from Quora

There is no single method to earn money from Quora. In fact, there are multiple methods and I will list the most popular and workable ways in which you can earn money from Quora.

Join the Quora Partner Program

Quora provides its users with a great way to make money by asking relevant questions to boost traffic and engagement on Quora. The more questions you ask, the more your potential earnings.

But how can you join the Quora partner program to earn money from it? The fact is there is no way you can apply for the Quora partner program. Rather, you will receive an invite from Quora to join its partner program if you’re a regular contributor and ask meaningful questions on Quora.

You can know more about the Quora partner program on this page.

Remember, if you really want to earn well from the Quora partner program, you should ask useful questions that will get meaningful answers from different Quora users, preferably the topic experts, and have good traffic potential.

How many questions do you need to ask to earn decent money on Quora?

Frankly speaking, there is no magical figure here. But as per this official Quora update, the top 10 Quora partners averaged monthly earnings of about $1500 (Rs 1.07 lacs) and 61 questions per day. What this means, you have to be really consistent with your questioning ability to earn meaningful income from the Quora partner program.

Earn money on Quora by promoting affiliate products

Another cool way to earn money on Quora is by promoting affiliate products and services. One of the reasons why Quora attracts marketers in droves is because it allows affiliate links on its platform.

Most of the answers to questions will contain some affiliate links. But can you earn money just by placing your affiliate links on Quora? Maybe this was possible 10 years back when Quora first started out and there weren’t as many affiliate marketers as today.

But today, you cannot expect people to buy products or services simply by clicking on your affiliate links on Quora. Rather you need to build trust and following with your readers.

You should post meaningful answers that solve the most pressing problems faced by the reader and, of course, your answer should be upvoted multiple times and be featured prominently to make the reader stand up and take notice.

Monetize traffic coming from Quora

Another proven method to earn money from Quora is by redirecting users to your blog and then pitching your products and services.

This is such an effective strategy because users will only click on a link when they find value in the answer and wish to know more through your link.

Once the user visits your blog, you should provide as much value and information as you can to make the visitor buy the product or service that you are promoting.

Tip: Do not place a link to your blog right in the beginning of your answer on Quora. It might look salesy and put off the reader. Rather, you should first draw the reader into a conversation, provide the information he is looking for and then add a link with the comment that more information is available from your link.

How to drive massive traffic from Quora to your blog:

  1. Set up your complete profile with eye-catching profile credentials that match the question theme
  2. Find popular questions to answer that are followed by many users
  3. Write meaningful and detailed answers to the questions
  4. Use proper formatting including bold words, italics, and short bullet points
  5. Let your expertise shine through your answer so the reader trusts your words

Use advertising to sell products and drive traffic

Quora launched its advertising platform in 2016 and it has steadily refined and expanded it since. Today you can create and target ads by topic, questions, audience, interest, and keywords.

You can create three types of ads in Quora – text ads, image ads, or ads to promote your answer. All three types can help you to earn money from Quora by driving traffic to your blog page that contains your products and services.

The best part about Quora ads to earn money is that you can create ads with cost per click (CPC) of as low as $0.1. But remember, Quora will suggest a very high CPC of $1.5 to $2.5 by default. You can bid very low CPC of $0.1 for your ads.

Also, you should set up pixel tracking to track the hits to your site and the conversions.

Use URL shorteners to earn money from Quora

URL shortening services like Adf.LY and shorte.ST pay good money starting from $10 per thousand impressions for qualified US traffic.

Once you have registered for these shortening services, you can shorten your links using one these link shortening services and post them in your Quora answers.

Again, I will advise you to use caution when using these link shortening services as some users may get annoyed with these ad-supported links and report your answer to Quora moderation.


Quora holds many promises to earn money online using multiple means. You can increase your chances of earning money from Quora by following the Quora promotion policies diligently. Always lool to add value for the readers they will, in turn, reward you with trust, following, upvotes, and shares.

Have you tried to earn income from Quora? If your answer is yes to this question, please share your experience in the comments below so that we learn about new methods to earn income from Quora.