Do Girls also have bad intentions towards any boy?

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Yeah, it depends on every girl who has bad intentions toward any boy or not? As soon as I saw the question, I remembered my flat neighbor in Bangalore. I had changed houses many times in Bangalore, once we were in a flat on rent, at that time the flat next to ours was vacant. And its key was given to us, so that if someone comes to see the flat for rent, we can show it to him.

People often came to see the flat. In the month of February, an Odia husband and wife came and asked for the keys to see the flat. My husband went with them, they both liked the flat, and they shifted in March.

In the beginning we also helped him a lot being a neighbor. They did not have any children yet, the husband was also an official of Scoon Temple, and was a pure vegetarian, the wife was of the type who eats a lot, that is, she was a little overweight. And non veg lovers. They were much older than us, so I used to call them brother and sister-in-law.

Everything went well for a few months, when brother went to office, sister-in-law stayed at our house more, I was busy with work because there were two small children, husband was working from home, so sister-in-law used to talk to him more.

Within a few days, my husband started getting irritated that because of his sister-in-law, I face difficulty in doing office work, he should not allow her to come. Or you yourself take out time and go to them.

When I went to her house in the afternoon before her arrival, it seemed from her attitude that she was not liking my coming, she was making excuses to go to my house. I politely told her that my husband has online work from home, so please don’t come. I will come myself.

She said no one, I will meet your husband in the evening. His words were strange, but I did not have much doubt at that time.

My husband had 15 days of training, so he had to go to office from morning till evening. Now sister-in-law showed her true colors. She would stand at the gate every evening, and when my husband came, she would come up with him.

One evening when aunty came, sister-in-law angrily rang the bell of my house and asked nervously, “Reena, your husband has not come yet, he comes every day at 5:30, look it is 6 o’clock. Call me and ask what’s the matter?

Aunty angrily said to her sister-in-law, “Reena has a husband, so why are you so worried? Tell me, worry about your husband, understood.”

Aunty also warned me that sister-in-law’s intentions were not good, “Reena, don’t you get angry, she is throwing these strings on your husband in broad daylight.”

I laughed and said, “Aunty, I have been noticing her actions for a long time, but I don’t care because I have full faith in my husband. My husband is also troubled by her actions, so I came out of the office and talked to her husband.” Have gone to do”.

That day my husband came home and told me that the brother next door would explain it to his wife.

Sister-in-law often quarreled with her husband, and she never chased my husband away, rather we left that area.

Sister-in-law was not bad but mentally ill. He never said or did anything wrong.