How did you like your first night and What did you do with your partner

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My first night was so awesome. Well, it’s been 45 years since this happened. But the memory is still fresh. At that time we were 21 years old and Mrs. was 19 years old. She was absolutely clueless in this matter. But the women of his maternal family had sent him some education and advice.

The women of our house had adorned her and made her sit on the bed, covering her with a veil. Also, a glass of skimmed milk and some dry fruits were kept on the table.

Well, at around 11 pm the elder sisters took us to the wedding room and told us not to be in a hurry, behave lovingly and give gifts first. Married friends had also already given their advice. Well, as soon as we went near the bed, the lady, still in her veil, got down from the bed in a hurry and bowed down straight at our feet.

We had not even thought about this situation. By the way, Mrs. was matriculation pass and this certificate was shown to us before marriage. Due to this behavior of hers, we had never even thought that she could do this. In a hurry we can only say that hey, what are you doing? So she said that her mother had told her to do this as her husband is like God, first of all touch her feet.

What I did with my partner

Well, after this we gave her the gift we had brought. And talked about household matters for about half an hour. By then both of us had become quite comfortable. Then he embraced her while lying down and started kissing her on her lips. Then slowly moved forward. He did not protest. But then he felt a lot of pain. Which she continued to tolerate. However, the first time the work was done for hardly 3-4 minutes.

But during this he started bleeding a lot. However, after two hours, work was done once more for 10 minutes. On his request we had darkened the place. So we came to know about bleeding in the morning when we saw a lot of blood on the bedsheet. We got scared after seeing so much blood.

Go and tell your elder sister. She took our wife to the lady doctor. On returning, sister said that there was nothing to worry about. The doctor has given medicine to be kept inside and has advised complete rest for two days. We also have to stay away. Then what, we did not go to our wife at night for three days.

On the fourth day, on the request of my wife and sister, we went and after giving permission to my wife, the work was done but this time we should be very careful. After this everything remained fine. Our first boy was born through normal delivery at nine months and three days.

We both remember all these things very well even today. This is our prayer to God that He should give us not only seven but the same religious wife in every birth. Whatever we are today, it is because of Mrs. Thank you.