Google’s March 2024 Search Update: The Battle Against AI-Generated Content

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On the night of March 5, 2023, Google has launched a huge update. Google has named this update as the March 2024 Search Update. We will name it Sholay 2024 Update.

3 Major Updates from Google in Search Engine

The March 2024 Google update is not a single update but a bundle of 3 Updates.

First of all, it has a Broad Core Update. This is the first update in Google’s 2-time updates in 2024, No Broadcore update has been released yet. So this is the first broadcore update for you.
The Second update is the Helpful Content update. Google named its Helpful Content Update in 2022 and now it has made the Helpful Content System, this is the last update in this series for Helpful Content, and the 3rd update in this bundle is the Spam Update 2024, which is currently being released. So that the websites that are spamming can be controlled.

So we have 3 updates, No. 1 is the first Broadcore Update of this year, March 2024 search update. No. 2 is the Helpful Content update which will be the last Update, and No. 3 is the Spam Update of March 2024.

1. Google Broadcore Update March 2024

Now Let’s start by discussing the first Broadcore Update of this year, known as the March 2024 update. Google brings 2 Broadcore updates every year. The first update is around February-March and the second Update is around 6 months.

In 2023, Google Launched a lot of Broadcore Updates which were different from the usual patterns. But the thing is, there was suddenly a huge influx of AI-generated content on the internet. And Google has been struggling since 2022, and finally, Google is bringing that struggle to a large scale. So, the purpose of this Broadcore Update is to publish more helpful content. So the aim is to weed out unhelpful content that is created solely to manipulate search engines and rank higher in search results.

According to Google’s own estimate, Google plans to eliminate 40% of the content that it deems unhelpful. Now, since this is a major update and Google will be updating multiple systems, it may take up to a month for the update to be fully rolled out. During this month, there will be many ups and downs. Sometimes, the ranking will go up, sometimes down, and Google will tell the status of the page of its search here.

If you have been copying a lot of content onto your website, like how to plagiarize an article and post it on ChatGPT, and then post it in large quantities on your website. So, you need to consider the potential loss of your website may face after this update, It’s bound to happen. On the other hand, if you were writing helpful content for your users and were giving them actual information, and we’re not focusing too much on keywords or were listening to good channels, good articles, and good guides, then there would be no loss from this Google Update.

to be continued…