Guide to Plan and Host a Memorable Virtual Graduation Ceremony

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The significance of the graduation ceremony in a student’s life needs no introduction. There are various reasons this day holds a different meaning and place in our heart. Right from entering college, we dream of tossing our graduation gap in the air. It is a different celebration altogether. To make this day extra special, institutes host special ceremonies for the students. But the last two years have completely changed the meaning and perspective of conducting such ceremonies. Due to obvious reasons, we are compelled to take everything online and it is the reason institutions are compelled to host virtual ceremonies and students are compelled to step out of their colleges over the internet.

Steps to Host a Virtual Convocation Ceremony:

To host a virtual graduation ceremony, all you need to do is follow the following steps-

  1. Pick the Right Date: The first and foremost step you need to consider is picking up the correct date and time for your ceremony. We suggest you go through the academic calendar of your institute and pick three-four dates. After that, compare the options and go for the most suitable of them all. Consult your staff before landing on an opportunity; having different inputs will help you clarify. Make sure the date of your ceremony does not clash with other significant events or holidays. But, whatever you decide, ensure you don’t take things hurriedly, spend enough time, and then land on a decision.
  1. Look-Out for the Best Virtual Event Platform: Now that you have picked the date for your event, it’s time for you to move a step ahead and get your hands on a 3D Virtual Event Platform that you think will help you host the best graduation ceremony. It would be best to consider various factors before selecting one name among the plethora of options available. Also, there are quite a few criteria that you can bear in mind to make a suitable choice. Some of them are the number of the audience, price, engagement features, networking options, multi-device accessibility, and more. Compiling a list of these features will help you land on the best name available.
  1. Form Event Committees and Groups: You might have heard about a well-known saying which goes like ‘Teamwork makes the dream work,’ and they say it for a reason. Having a set of different minds helps you complete a task more efficiently and effectively than an individual. Hence, to make sure your institute’s graduation ceremony stands apart from the rest, get aboard a set of young and dynamic minds. Distribute roles among them; it will help you save time, money, and resources. Along with this, it will also help you make a positive impact on your event.
  1. Outline Your Virtual Event: After setting up groups and committees, get your event outlined. You will notice that your event has started coming together. This will allow you to figure out the entire process and schedule of the ceremony and give you an idea of what is going to happen during the event and its duration. However, while doing so, bear in mind the speakers’ number, students’ number, activities, keynote speeches, and other elements of the convocation ceremony. Once you complete it, don’t forget to share it with your attendees, guests, students, and speakers. It will add convenience and enable them to fix their schedules accordingly.
  1. Invite Students and Guests: After completing the previous step, send ceremony invites to your students, parents, and other guests. Of course, with advanced technology, you can simply send mail, but what better than making the students feel special on their important day. Add a touch of personalization by adding a congratulatory and good luck message to them. Also, don’t forget to attach the guidelines with the invite; it will help you avoid chaos and make the event a smooth sail.
  1. Rehearse: No matter how pro you have become at hosting virtual events, it is strongly advisable to host a rehearsal session before the primary day. There are various reasons for this. First, hosting a rehearsal session will enable you to get through the technicalities of the platform that you are choosing to host the ceremony. Along with it, a rehearsal session will reduce the possibilities of things going wrong to the minimum. Finally, even if things go wrong, the basic knowledge of the platform will save you from embarrassment in front of a crowd of thousands.
  1. Collect Feedback: Now that the event is over don’t forget to send feedback forms to your attendees. Experts suggest that the organizers should immediately send out the feedback forms as soon as the event gets over. It will ensure maximum attendees fill up the forms and review the event. Furthermore, one should consider this step because it will improve further strategies and analyze the event. In addition, it will enable the organizers to build effective relations with your alumni.


If you are also planning to make this memorable day of your student’s life more memorable but have no clue how to, here are some ideas that might help you-


  • To add colors and excitement to the event, you can organize a prom night for the students. In some corners of the world, prom events are a tradition. Though one might find it challenging to host one through the internet, why can’t you host a prom event virtually if you can find a way to host an entire graduation ceremony?
  • You can host a cultural night to make the event more memorable. Organize DJ Night, Open Mics, Live Music, and other kinds of events.
  • Rather than going all extravagant, you host a fun virtual games night. It is an easy-to-pull yet exciting idea to make the entire experience unforgettable.
  • Virtual events shouldn’t hold you and your students from making the graduation ceremony memorable. You can still send hampers to them. Add cards, photos, and other exciting things to curate the hamper.
  • Ask your students to wear graduation gowns and caps on the d-day. It will give them the feel of a real-life ceremony.

A graduation ceremony marks an important chapter in the life of a student. Though they deserve to be celebrated with full pomp and show, COVID-19 left us with no choice but to get online and host a web version of the convocation ceremonies. This blog covers all the steps you need to take in order to deliver closer-to-real event feels. Incorporate them into your planning and make it an unforgettable experience for your students.