5 Best Short term Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

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Since time is extremely precious, one needs to create a path in their career to be current and updated in the job market in a limited time without compromising on the quality of education. This is where short-term courses and more explicitly job oriented ones come in handy.

Among Accounting, Marketing, Analytics, Finance, IT, and so on professions, choosing the best short-term and job-oriented course is the right choice to enhance your professional skills and thereby move you up in your career ladder.

Below are listed 5 job-oriented and short term courses that can be pursued after graduation:

  1. Accounting- Business Accounting and Taxation

This short-term professional course focuses on making an individual a professional accountant. It provides you real-time experience in this field. It prepares you for the job with practical expertise.

Eligibility:         Graduates, undergraduates, and working individuals

Fees: Rs.50,000

Duration: 3 months and full time

Career- post-completion, you know practical aspects of taxation, accounting, and other aspects related.

Make a salary of 3 to 12 lakhs yearly.

  1. Tally

It’s a software to handle small traders and dealers to handle inventory management, accounting, payroll, tax management, etc.

Eligibility: Graduates, 12th pass, CA/MBA students

Fees: Rs. 1000 on an average

Duration: 3 months

Career: Can work in MNC’s, Hospitals, accounting, and banking sectors.

Makes 5 -40 lakhs yearly.

  1. IT- Big Data & Hadoop

Both structured and unstructured data is Big Data that is processed and stored with Hadoop software. It is an open-source tool that deals with performance improvement with data processing.

Eligibility: Graduate/Post Graduate.

Fees: Rs. 20000 to 40000

Duration: 1-3 months

Career: Make a career as a Data Architect, Data analyst, Hadoop developers, Big Data Engineer, Chief data officer, etc.

Make 5- 30 lakhs yearly.

  1. Data Visualization

Several BI software vendors need data visualization tools to embed data into their products. It is aided to understand the techniques and concepts of visualization from simple to complex and blend them in interactive dashboards.

Eligibility: Open to all

Fees: Rs. 15000 to 20000

Duration:1-2 months

Career: Make a career as a Data visualization scientist, Visualization Designer, Analytics Consultant, Curriculum designer, etc.

  1. Digital marketing

Digital platforms are involved in all businesses. This course gives techniques and basic knowledge of digital marketing to improve the business.

Eligibility: None

Fees: Rs. 15000 to 50000

Duration: 2-3 months

Career: It is here to stay. Make a career as SEO Manager, Mobile Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Blogging, Web Analytics Executive and so on.