How Self-managed Abortion With Pills Opens Up Access For Millions Of People

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An abortion using pills, often known as a medical abortion, has the potential to revolutionize abortion treatment and access, according to research and testimony. An abortion with pills is a simple procedure involving two, possibly just one, pills that has the potential to improve access, particularly in low-income and difficult-to-reach areas.

​​Millions of people have used abortion pills for over 30 years, and decades of research and experience have demonstrated that they are safe and effective. They successfully terminate pregnancies in more than 95% of cases, with a risk of severe, life-threatening consequences of fewer than 1%. They’re cheap, simple to use, and dependable enough that most individuals can take them at home without difficulty.

But what is self-managed abortions with pills?

Self-managed abortion is the term commonly used to describe when a person chooses to induce their own abortion outside a medical setting. Anyone who decides to end a pregnancy should be able to choose to self-manage an abortion at home or somewhere we feel safe—with the control in our hands, surrounded by the people we love, and with the support we want.

Obtaining and taking abortion pills outside of a medical environment is referred to as self-managed abortion with pills. It most usually refers to using telephone hotlines or online platforms to obtain abortion drugs at home. For disadvantaged people and those who live far away from health care facilities, self-managed abortion increases access to safe abortion care. It also protects people’s autonomy by empowering them to make decisions regarding their own care and take the lead.

Only three things are required for a safe pill abortion: accurate information, high-quality drugs, and mutual respect and trust. As a result, pharmaceutical abortion has given millions of women and girls around the world access to safe abortion services, particularly in conflict and crisis situations.

Self-managed abortions with pills opens up access to all who wish to have a safe, private and respectful abortion. It’s the ultimate act of self-care and self-love. It allows you to be the primary decision maker and design your own abortion experience based on your emotional and economical strength. 

Pregnant people and their families need access to abortion care for their health, well-being, and bodily autonomy. Most restrictive abortion policies worsen fundamental imbalances, obstructing and hindering access to care, disproportionately affecting Black, Indigenous, and people of colour, low-income people, immigrants, and individuals living in rural regions. Due to logistical and financial difficulties to abortion treatment, as well as some people’s personal preferences and  experiences of stigma and structural racism. 

Self-managed abortion is a broad term that encompasses a variety of treatment options. Self-managed abortion using tablets has the potential to lower the strain on healthcare systems, enhance access to care, and transform power dynamics around an important healthcare service that has become far too medicalized and regulated.

Many people choose self-managed abortion for a variety of reasons, including improved privacy and secrecy, increased autonomy and control over the process, and simpler access – particularly if they live far away from an abortion centre. There is mounting evidence that pill-assisted abortion is just as safe and successful as facility-based abortion.

To address this knowledge gap and share accurate, evidence-based information, have created a new video series designed for anyone looking to learn more about an abortion with pills up to 13 weeks of pregnancy. 

These videos explain how abortion pills can be used to end a pregnancy, how to use them, what to expect, when to seek more treatment, and how to determine whether or not they worked. Persons seeking information on how to properly self-manage an abortion, people wanting to receive care at a health institution, those who simply want to learn more about the process, and everyone in between can benefit from them. The videos are free, open access, and use non-medical vocabulary to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the knowledge given. They are also available in 27 languages.

The goal of this video series is to return decision-making authority to women and abortion seekers all across the world. The covid-19 pandemic underlined the need for SRH officials to recognise the organization’s legitimacy. Women and abortion seekers can choose how and where they want to undergo an abortion with self-managed abortions.

Despite its effectiveness and established results, self-managed abortions are still hotly disputed and obscured by disinformation. Despite the fact that the medicines are on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications, the quality, cost, and availability of the drugs vary greatly by country and location. Visit to learn about the abortion legislation in your nation as well as information about abortion pills such as cost, pill name, and photographs of the pill container for reference. There are several internet services that can assist patients in finding abortion pills, but abortion pills are so safe, important, and extensively used that they should be as accessible as over-the-counter medications offered in pharmacies.

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Michell Mor, eHealth Content Specialist at Women First Digital, an organization helping women about contraception and se*xual health.