How to Compact PST File Without Opening Outlook?

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Is your Outlook unable to manage large-size PST files and do you need to compact PST File Without Opening Outlook? Look at the next segment. We are going to discuss a prominent approach to break up large PST files without installing Outlook.

Outlook saves their PST data into two forms one is ANSI and the second is Unicode. On the one hand, the ANSI format correlated with Outlook 1992-2003 and it can save data up to 2 GB. On the other hand, the Unicode format is correlated with Outlook 2003 and the newer version. It provides storage up to 20-50 GB.

Due to the much storage of Unicode, it could hardly reach its maximum size while ANSI often crosses its limit. 

We know that managing over-size PST files is a challenging task. But because of its high-level peculiarity, users like to use it in their work. Therefore, we will determine here how to compact PST File Without Opening Outlook.


Difficulty Faces With Large PST File

When the file reaches its full size, users face some challenges that mentioned below:

  1. When the size of the PST file becomes high, then it can produce results like file corruption.
  2. The large size of the PST file can cause a corrupt PST file and a corrupt PST file leads you to remote states. This situation shows the error message, which means your outlook storage has reached its maximum limit.


Methods to Compact PST File Without Opening Outlook

Handling the concern of a large PST file isn’t a challenging task? Here, two types of methods have been discussed, with the help of which the user can defeat this issue.


Method 1. Reduce Large PST File Size Manually

  1. First, open Outlook on your system.
  2. Next, choose the unwanted item and delete it.
  3. Now, go to the  Info>>Account Settings>>Account Settings tab.
  4. Hit on the “Data Files” and then pick the “Settings” option.
  5. A Personal folder will appear. Press the “Compact Now” button.
  6. Press OK  and close the current window.
  7. Finally, the compaction process of your PST file will be started here.
  8. It took some time to complete the process.


Flaws of The Manual Process

By using the manual method, there is a higher possibility of failure. It can’t break up the Outlook PST file properly. The installation of MS Outlook is also required to perform the splitting system for Outlook data files manually. 


Method 2. Compact PST File Without Opening Outlook

The manual solution implemented above cannot efficiently reduce the size of the Outlook data file. Apart from the manual method, there is also a specialist method that can provide faultless outcomes. Use the best Outlook PST Splitter software to compress PST File Without Outlook. It divides PST files into two parts and reduces PST file size. It splits different PST items such as Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Journals, etc.



When an Outlook data file reaches the maximum size, it creates a lot of difficulties in Outlook. In this situation, users want to compact PST files without opening Outlook. Therefore, here we have described some reliable solutions for compact Outlook PST data files. Only those users who have much technical knowledge can do it well in the manual method. But with another expert method, users can split PST files even without technical knowledge. It runs with all versions of Windows OS whether it is earlier and latest.

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