Tips and Tricks to install Brother Printer without CD

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The installation of your brother’s printer without cd is possible. There are various methods to follow and install and setup Brother printer. It is not easy to setup and install any printer model. These methods are required to be followed properly and efficiently and setup any printer model by following the given steps below.

Without the cd also, a printer can be installed on a computer. Brother printers provide various other online methods to install a printer. Even if one is installing a printer on a new, advanced computer system, it can also be installed without a cd easily.


  • To install the printer wirelessly

Brother printer has wireless functionality through which it can be connected to a wireless network.

  • First to connect your brother’s printer through the control panel.
  • In the control panel, click on the wireless settings option.
  • Enter the wireless network name and password.

This is the manual way to connect your brother printer wirelessly and without cd on a computer. Then, there is an automatic way also to connect your brother printer to a network. Below are the steps provided-

  • To switch on the WPS button.
  • Then keep your printer within the range of the router.
  • Then to press the WPS button on your router within two minutes.
  • To add the brother printer to windows 10 computer


Your brother printer can be added to windows 10 computer without cd by below-given steps-

  • To switch on the printer
  • To open Windows 10 and press the windows key.
  • Then, click on the Settings option.
  • In the settings option, click on the devices option.
  • Choose the printers and scanners option and click on the add printer option.
  • To search the name of your brother’s printer from the list.
  • Then click on the add devices option.
  • Now windows will take some to respond to the printer.
  • Install your Brother printer through a USB cable.
  • A compatible USB cable should be used 
  • Then to check the ports of your brother’s printer and your computer.
  • Then attach the compatible USB cable to your printer and the wifi router.
  • Then, the computer will detect your printer and install the drivers for it. 
  • Then, your brother’s printer will be successfully installed on a computer without cd.

So, these are some of the reliable and easy to apply methods to install your Brother printer without cd.



Do you want to install your wireless brother printer without a cd? That’s fine there are various other methods available for the installation of wireless brother printers. Without CD also, you will be able to install your wireless brother printer. Connect brother printer on wireless network without using any CD. In that case, need to download brother printer drivers and software from the official website of the brother printer.

So, all the required printer drivers and software are available for the customers. Also, new and advanced technology, computers, and printers do not have CDs for their installation process.



  • With the help of a USB cable 

You can install your wireless brother printer through a USB cable. The cable should be compatible with your printer and computer. Steps are provided below to follow for installing a wireless printer through a USB cable.

  • Switch on the printer
  • To insert the USB cable into the computer and printer.
  • Click on the printers and devices option.
  • Click on the option to add the printer.
  • To find your wireless brother printer. 
  • Then click on the name of your wireless printer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After this, the printer is now ready to use. 


  • Use of the online software

Online software can be downloaded for installing your wireless brother printer. Steps for downloading are given below-

  • To turn on your computer.
  • Then visit the official site of brother printers
  • Then, search the model of your printer.
  • Click on the download option of the software which supports your wireless printer.
  • Links will appear for downloading, click on them.
  • Then the downloading process will begin.
  • When downloading process ends, click on the option of setup files and begin with the installation process.
  • Now, your wireless brother printer is ready to use.


  • Downloading of drivers which support the printer

The drivers can be downloaded from the official site of the printer. The important drivers need to be searched. Then download the accurate drivers for the printer. Additional software can also be looked for using additional functionality of the printer like scanning, faxing. The driver can also be copied to a USB flash drive if your computer does not have an internet connection. They are the easy, reliable ways to install a wireless brother printer without a CD.