How to Maximize Pleasure During Intercourse ?

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While having se*x, it should be remembered that the impulse required to get maximum pleasure in se*x can be obtained only when the penis remains continuously moving in the vagina. This movement is related to both couple’s movement. In this situation, the penis becomes hard and erect and comes in contact with the soft layers and cushions of the walls of the vagina. As a result, there is more and more tension in the penis of the man which ends with ejaculation of semen.

While having se*x, many men have the fear that they will ejaculate as soon as their penis enters the vagina. Fearing this fear, they start moving the penis quickly by inserting it in the vagina and thus they ejaculate very quickly. To get the real pleasure of se*x, it is necessary that after the penis goes completely inside the woman’s vagina, both the man and the woman should remain still and kiss, rub, etc.

After some time, start the movement again. When there is a possibility of ejaculation again, then stop and engage in kissing, etc., this will give maximum pleasure to both. In this situation, the woman should contract her vagina when the man starts moving. The more she contracts, the more the man’s pleasure will increase and he will start performing the act. By doing this, both the man and the woman will enjoy.

By making the movements intermittently in this manner, the woman reaches a state of complete excitement. At that time, she wishes that the man should make both himself and the woman ejaculate by making the movements quickly. At that time, the man should make the movements quickly, the woman should also give her full cooperation in this. The belief of most women that making movements is only the work of the man is not correct.

When the se*xual organs of the man and woman keep striking each other for some time, the pleasure that the brain was getting from this action till now, increases so much that the brain is unable to bear more pleasure than this. At this time, the man and woman have reached the peak of se*xual pleasure, which is called climax in the language of medical science. In such a situation, the brain automatically starts giving signals to end the intercourse.

The man and the woman ejaculate. Semen comes out of the man’s penis and a thin liquid like water comes out of the woman’s vagina.

After Ejaculation

When the semen is ejaculated after intercourse, most men think that the work is over now and there is nothing left to do except sleep. This is a big mistake of theirs. Se*x does not end with ejaculation. Ejaculation only means that you have reached the peak of the mountain you wanted to reach. You still have to go down from the peak. Coming down is also an art.

The man who goes to sleep or starts preparing to sleep after ejaculation, deeply hurts the feelings of his partner. She may think that her partner only gives importance to her physical satisfaction and does not care about her feelings. It is the duty of the man to not let such feelings arise in the mind of the woman.

To provide satisfaction and pleasure to a woman, a man should kiss her various body parts after intercourse, embrace her lovingly and make love for some time. These things will make the woman feel that the man does not consider her a mere toy to satisfy his se*xual desires, but that he actually loves her.

Apart from this, the woman’s passion does not subside as quickly as the man’s after intercourse. It takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is necessary that the man slowly brings the woman to normal condition through his lovemaking. Even when he is sure that the woman’s se*xual excitement has completely subsided, he should not turn his face towards her and sleep.

He should keep her close to his chest until she falls asleep. He should sleep only after she falls asleep.