The Sacred Debt of Milk- Honoring Our Mothers and Motherland

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It is mostly said that to repay the debt of milk, one should have respect for one’s parents and never hurt them. This is the cycle of life. There was a time when only mother’s milk was given to the child. Today there are many adverse conditions. 90% of mothers consider it an insult to feed their milk.

The Qualities of a True Mother

One reason is that mother is the embodiment of affection, love, compassion and kindness. The mother who has all these qualities will never deprive her child of her milk. When a calf is hungry, the mother automatically comes to the calf. These qualities are found in many creatures who cannot speak. But it is a matter of great shame and misfortune.

Modern Challenges to Motherhood

Due to the inhuman nature in humans, even after getting the good fortune of motherhood, mothers give up this happiness. Such mothers, when their children grow up, talk about repaying the debt of milk to their children, citing their milk. We should talk about repaying the debt of our motherland.

The Nourishment from Mother Earth

Just break the ear of grain and see that it contains milk. Milk resides in every particle of Mother Earth. Due to which we are nourished. Every thing in this infinite universe nourishes us. We get the benefits of trees, plants, vegetation, water, fire, air, sky only under the protection of Mother Earth. Hence, first of all, we should express our gratitude towards our motherland and protect it with honesty. Mother’s bond is sacred.

Infinite Cooperation of Mother Earth

The task of nourishing from the womb of the mother is done only with the infinite cooperation of our mother earth, that is why it is said that *Janani Janma Bhoomishy Swargadapi Gariyasi* the debt of mother and mother land can never be repaid. Respecting them is the biggest dharma. In the life story of Lord Ram in Shri Ram Charit Manas, Shri Tulsi Das Ji has written that-

Raghunanatha wakes up in the morning and bows his head to mother, father and guru.

Respect for Parents and Motherland

We should always respect our parents, mother land. And mothers are requested not to lose the good fortune of their motherhood 🙏Jaima 🙏🙏

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