How was Mac Lethal Discovered? 

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Rap songs have become widely popular in America during the last many years. Singers with an  artistic mind, are gaining fame for their ideological and innovative creativity in singing. Such people  talk in a rhythmic tone, and the one who gets heights of expertise in rap songs captures popularity  at country-wide level & even globally. Rapping is, describing the events or situations in the shape of  “poetry”. 

David McCleary Sheldon (a stage name), professionally known as Mac Lethal is an American rapper,  author, and songwriter. He is also a known radio personality & a famous YouTuber. 

Mac Lethal originally belongs to Kansas City, Missouri. He is the founder of “Black Clover” records. Mac Lethal has been a former radio host on the Buzz show of the Black Clover Radio. 

He started his professional career, immediately after graduating from high school, in 2000. Mac  Lethal is, now at the peak of his career. As a rapper, he has so far released studio albums, in  addition to his book, ‘Text from Bennett”. Mac can rap 400 words per minute. 

Life Origin & Bio:  

David McCleary Sheldon was born on July 20th, 1981 in Kansas City, Missouri. His father’s name was  Warren Sheldon, and his mother’s name, Ruth Sheldon. Warren Sheldon was an artist and the  mother owned a dress boutique business. 

Mac Lethal was the youngest son of his parents. His father being an artist was inclined that his son  should become a professional musician artist. He compelled Mac to attend the music classes for his  bright career.  

Mac Lethal is 5 ft 8 inches tall and bears dim-dark eye color. He is fond of implanting tattoos on the  body. He is an avid pet lover, either. He is globally famous, through a web-based network of the  most advanced media. A very large number of fans on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter or YouTube,  are his followers. Mac is an American national and has a mixed Ethnicity, with Christianity as a  religion. 

Mac Lethal has immense capability to rap about 400 words, in just one minute. He has won the rap  battles in Kansas City, during his school times. This is why he captured tremendous local buzz. 

As a Leo, Mac has the personality traits relating to the king of the celestial jungle. His Leo sign gives  tremendous ambitions & determination, as well as the celebration of outstanding bravery, to the  personality of Mac Lethal.  

Personal Life: 

Mac Lethal is married and has two kids, from his wife whose name remains undisclosed. Rather,  Mac’s wife does not like to open up with her name, surprisingly. However, his wife & kids 

photographs were posted on Instagram, with a caption, “Rockwell Carlin ’Rough’ Sheldon and  Maple”. This indicates the presence of a wife but is mysteriously hidden. 

There’s a strong rumor that Mac Lethal, is yet to get married. There are no evidences about his  possible dating with any girl. Reportedly, his son, Rockwell was born in 2013. Anyway, his personal  life information is not open much. 

Whatever the reality of Mac Lothal’s personal life may be, he has a beautiful & upright girlfriend.  His friendship with Bennett, a crazy cousin has a big role in running his successful career. Mac is  often upset with the role of girls, while he seems to be in deep love with his 2 kids & their pretty  mother (Mac’s wife).  

Net Worth: 

Mac Lethal has a present net worth, in 2021 of $2 to 5 Million. The main reason behind his wealth  is a display of talent in multi-directions. He released multiple projects in 2000, due to which Mac  succeeded to get a recording deal with the music label. 

After signing off, with Rhyme Sayers Entertainment, Mac Lethal started creating mixtapes,  extended plays, and singles. He managed to release his first album, a series of mixtapes under “The  Love Potion Collection” which were issued in no time. That made him earning a start-up. 

Rapper’s achievements started, from a video on YouTube, “Look at Me Now”. In just a few days,  the video hit the viewer’s attention, considerably. In addition, to be on YouTube, Mac engaged in  online networking. The Japanese offered him an agreement, for Sony in 2011. The contract with  

Sony Company was worth $250,000, 2 albums, 2 options & a milestone deal, naming “insane”.  Anyhow, Mac refused this big offer. 

Still, Mac Lethal kept on moving ahead in his career and brought up a wealth volume to the tune of  $2 million, by the year 2019. 

Character, Fame & Success: 

Mac Lethal has had some successes in his life. He can write a book, produce an album, and host a  talk show on TV & Radio. He introduced new music, made his label, “Black Clover Record” in 2006.  This opened further opportunities, and Mac introduced an album, “Irish Goodbye &  “Congratulations” in 2011 and 2016. 

On a path of regular success, Mac even refused a big offer from Sony, Japan in 2016. We can assess  the biggest reason for Mac Lethal success, as he became a full-time YouTuber. Right from the year  2006, the opening of his channel, Mac kept on loading random videos on YouTube. The most seen  videos included, “Pancake Rap”, “27 styles of Rapping”, & “The Greatest Pizza Order”. On the whole, Mac enjoys 2.95 million subscribers, and his channel owns about 291 million views. 

The fame for Mac Lethal started from the release of his debut studio album. At an early age, Mac  attended the Kemper Military School and Shawnee Missions Alternative Program. During their teenage, he attended numerous rap battles & free contests. He proved to be a hip-hop artist.

In 2005, he started mixing and making his music. The first-ever music project, produced by Mac  was “Moon Thinker” & “Nine Situations” in 2001, 2003. At the same time, Mac successfully  released his first studio album, which helped the rapper to get country-wide popularity & attention  of fans, in particular.  

Professional Career: 

The professional career of Mc Lethal begins with the release of his first studio album, “Men Are  from Mars”, “Porn stars are From Earth” in 2002, on the HHI Recordings. The album captured a  great reputation on the freestyle and battle-rhyming circuits for years to come. Later, he got to the  Fuck Clear Channel Tour, 2004 after winning the rap battle of ‘Scribble Jam’. In the same year, Mac  contracted with Rhyme Sayers Entertainment, which later helped him in releasing the first album in  2007. The famous instruments, associated with Mac, were Vocals, Sampler & Consoles. 

In 2006, Mac produced Black clover Records, with his old friend, Jeremy Willis. Then in 2007, Mac  released a studio album, 11:11 on the Rhyme Sayers Entertainment. 

In2011, Mac rejected a contract offer of $250,000, from Sony Japan. Instead, he posted his video,  “Look at Me Now” by rapping over the beat. This video went all-out viral and hit over to get  millions of views, just in few days. This was a turning moment for Mac’s career. Consequently, CNN  and the Washington Post approached Mac for a series of interviews. The video got a place in the  list of “10 Most Contagiously Viral Musical Web Sensations. 

In 2013, Mac Lethal released a novel “Texts from Bennett”, on Simon & Schuster. This was a result  of his feed under the same name, wherein Mac posts the text message conversations his cousin,  Bennett & himself. 

Bennett, being the cousin of Mac Lethal has a long role in the latter’s career. Bennett is known to  be a gangster in Kansas City, a drug user, and abusive in conversation. Still, Mac has good,  cooperative relations with Bennett & his Mom. Mac had a difficult time living with a smoked-out  cousin, which he spends a lot of patience. Mac Lethal is a very hard-working artist and he believes  in focusing the career opportunities, as well as finding the progressive means to gain big successes. 

At present, Mac Lethal & Amber Diamond are hosting a TV show, Bing Thinking which started in  2016 on MTV2. A studio album, “Congratulations”, was then released by the rapper. 

The best highlights of Mac Lothal’s professional career include being a rap musician & artist and  having an important part of a large group, in the TV show, ‘Bing Thinking” on MTV2. At the same  time, he runs Tumblr. Mac released a collection, “Congratulations” on 13th September 2016. As  more, Mac Lethal has been running a YouTube channel, a self-titled one since October 2016. 

Another point of interesting note is that Mac Lethal, besides having a successful career, is one of  the most controversial rappers, as well as stands among the internet figures of the United States  who keep more than 3 million online followers.  

The career of the artist picked up as an independent rapper, then he introduced his record label.  He released a lot of music, and became a YouTuber, and started regular posting of random videos. 

Now, he is diversely engaged in more than one or two professional lines. He has hosted a regular  TV show on the television & radio. Then he is engaged in releasing his book, novel, “Text from  Bennett” which is purely focused on the messages & conversation between two persons. These are  interesting messages, and well available on the internet at, 

Astonishingly, the fans of Mac Lethal like to read his book of the exchanged messages. 

So, these diversified and inter-related professional segments can naturally create some controversy  in the media and net-users, over vast stands of his fans. 

History of America by a Rapper: 

Mac Lethal is a familiar wrapper, for explaining the history of America in rap style. There are 27 rap  styles, which Mac presented in a different & fan-catching way. All the 27 rap styles bear  independent names. 

This is claimed to be the first part of the country’s history. Thereafter, Mac is planned to release the  other part, which will comprise a period from Colonialization till the presidency of Donald Trump. 

The rap stars from the period 13th century and tells about the Asians walking through this land &  about the Vikings. Then, the sailing of Columbus, a start of the war, stealing of gold & spices, and  the first landing on Bahamas Islands.  

Then, the story of people from Spain, holding the Bible, Indians activity, widespread hunger, the  tales of tobacco and selling of Manhattan, etc. 

The rap continues, explaining about oatmeal, the gangsters, the kings, and about the French &  Indian wars, then the taxes raised in America by England during the 1700s. 

Then, it is about the economic revolution for a long period, the role of the British King, the story of  Native Americans, Blacks, and Indians. 

Then comes the declaration of independence in 1976. 

The rap proceeds about the families, teaching in schools, slaveries in Atlanta a lot of societal tales, and road-map to develop. 

Then, an era of 1800 reaches and rapper explains about a lot of French pouring in America, kicking off the Indians, the Pacific area exploration, California & gold rushing people, war with Mexicans,  and the presidency of A. Lincoln. 

The civil war is continuing, economic ups and downs at full swing, and the role of Union Army, the  enemies of President and about drinkers. Here, the reconstruction of America begins. 

Further, the rap explains about giving off the right to vote, to the Indians, a process of constructing  the infrastructure starts rapidly. 

Then, a tale of the Great Economic Depression period, pouring in a lot of money, people standing up from a deep sleep, economic buildings, construction of communication ways and means.

This is the 1900’s, then the World Wars, the role, and actions by Hitler, Europe, Russian, and Japan.  The tales of Martin Luther King, the presidency of Kennedy, and then Ronald Reagan era, about the  new dressings and fashion industry growing up. The music takes a new leap and the media is  warming up.  

The 27 raps styles finish with the period of President Trump. Mac Lethal got a lot of attraction in  these rap styles, which interestingly explained the history of America. 

 ——————————————————————— Writter: Mian Arshad Ali